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  • Cred-cards

    A few cred-card questions.

    1. What tool is actually used to hack a cred-card?

    2. Can a cred-card be hacked multiple times?

    3. when an unstable cred-card "wipes itself out", does it do so before or after any transfer of credits?

    4. How does one acquire a cred-card in rifts earth?

    5. Is it possible to purchase cred-cards from the black market or is there another process for their distribution?

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    Howdy NoJuice

    1. The skill roll is Knowledge (Computers) -- Hacking in SWADE -- and uses quantum encryption, so a quantum computer is needed (those aren't common).

    2. No

    3. *during* the attempt to be used, it wipes itself out

    4. it is like a modern gift card and is issued to anyone with a positive credit balance, please see the third paragraph under "A Conspiracy of Commerce"

    5. yes, see the same paragraph listed above

    Thanks for the questions! I have updated that section's text to be more clear in the second edition of the rules coming to Kickstarter April 16th.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds