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Growth spell question with various armors

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  • Growth spell question with various armors

    Can you walk me through what happens when a ley line walker casts growth on someone inside power armor or robot armor (neither of which is affected by the spell)? I was wondering on the modifiers and if, as my players think, the pilot basically grows and essentially implodes inside the armor.

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    Hi BeGood,

    In general, be wary of creative but possibly exploitative uses of powers. In the case of a target inside a vehicle or power armor, the roll is of course opposed and the caster is likely at a penalty for "Targets in Vehicles" per the penalties outlined at the end of chapter three of the Game Master's Handbook. Additionally, if the target fails they will automatically be forced to exit the power armor or vehicle in question (which are equipped with emergency escape systems in Rifts). Thanks for asking, I am updating the language in the second edition to help clarify this point.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Editor, Rifts for Savage Worlds