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Psi-stalker follow up

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  • Psi-stalker follow up

    I saw an earlier post saying that the psi-stalker psychic vampire ability included the cutting action as part of the drain (meaning a new cut is necessary each time you drain). My question is if the ability can be triggered each time a bladed attack is made as part of the same action. If so, how do I know if I've drawn blood with a given attack (and does the blade meet the touch requirement)? (i.e. Can my action be to roll to attack with my vibroblade, hit, and (if the target is shaken or wounded) then roll the opposed check to drain power points?)

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    To "draw blood" the target must either be Shaken or Wounded by a sharp attack, and yes your action could be to attack and then siphon the target's Power Points (with a Multi-Action penalty of -2 for two actions).

    I am updating the second edition of the TLPG to clarify things, thanks again for asking.
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds