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Rifts in Space… pushing a dragon out an airlock?

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  • Rifts in Space… pushing a dragon out an airlock?

    Under the section on the dragon's Special Ability of Nigh-Immortality, the text states that dragons, "require only magical energy to sustain themselves," and I'm wondering if that should pertain to air and atmospheric pressure as well as food and water, or if it should be entirely a GM's call.

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    Hmm, interesting question. I would leave the ultimate call up to the GM, but anywhere in the Megaverse where they are Mega Damage supernatural beings, I would say that they don't need to breathe and wouldn't be killed by the vacuum of space.

    That said, I would personally make a Hatchling dragon Distracted and have them roll for Fatigue after extended periods of exposure until the dragon became accustomed to the environment or utilized custom gear like goggles, etc.

    If anyone finds precedent for how to deal with this in a Palladium Books publication, please PM me and I will update this answer
    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds