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Wild Vampires and Sunlight

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  • Wild Vampires and Sunlight

    Relevant Text:
    Weakness (Sunlight): Vampires catch
    fire if any part of them is exposed to
    sunlight (clothing and armor do not
    help; the vampire must be within a
    solid, enclosed structure). They burn
    for 2d10 damage every round until they
    are turned to ash (or somehow manage
    to get under cover again). None of their
    powers work while they burn. As well,
    vampires suffer an automatic level of
    Fatigue during daylight hours.
    What's unclear is when 'ash' is the result. Obviously, this doesn't matter much when dealing with natural sunlight--a Vampire who has been Incapacitated by damage is also not going to be able to get to cover while burning and so will eventually become ash.

    But what about the case of sunlight trappings on instant-damage Powers or TW weapons? Is a Vampire ashed immediately upon being Incapacitated by a sunlight weapon/Power? Would they get an Incapacitation roll--success means the vampire is Incapped (and at 3 Wounds if a Wild Card) but starting to regenerate; failure means they're ashed? Would it differ for Wild Card vs. Extras? Or are they just Incapacitated and able to start regenerating immediately? Or maybe one of the fifty other possible permutations I haven't thought of yet?

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    Hey Freemage,

    Great question. I am updating the second edition text to state that when vampires fail an incapacitation roll caused by sunlight damage they immediately turn to ash.

    Sean Owen Roberson
    Line Editor, Rifts for Savage Worlds