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Necromancer exception to recent ruling on Major Item Creation

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  • Necromancer exception to recent ruling on Major Item Creation

    I got an answer back right away on this recent post, and I'm wondering, is the Necromancer's zombie spell the only non-Techno-Wizard power that can be infused into a Major Item?

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    Necros explicitly are granted the ability to imbue the zombie power into an item. A specific rule overrides general rule every time. As to major items it does say in general enchanted items use the TW conversion rules and those rules say only powers from the TW list can be imbued. The way it's worded it does seem like RAW and RAI that they only want TW powers used when creating either TW items or magic items. But the fact the necro has a specific exemption that allows the zombie power to be used by RAW.


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      I would think a more rational wording would be as follows.

      "A creator can only install powers of his Rank or less and the powers or modifiers must be from the creators power list"
      Think about it this way.

      Likewise, a Miracle worker with Minor or Major item creation should not be able to create a Amulet of Teleportation as that is not on the Miracle list. They should instead use the list for their arcane background. (This is somewhat addressed by the character being required to have the power selected.)

      PS: Then again, I see no real reason that minor item creation or major item creation could not be available to all arcane backgrounds. I mean they are significantly weaker than TW items so it would not be stepping on the TW toes in any relevant way.

      PPS: As a note more than one Techno-Wizard has rolled on the Magic & Mysticism table in order to get Summon Ally added to his power list.


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        Unless the intent is to restrict the power list that can be used to imbue powers. Given the current wording things like the HJ roll allowing the gain of a non list power. Because the HJ roll allows the user to gain a non IF power, not add it to their IF's power list.


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          One thing about Major Item Creation is that it has to be a power the creator knows, which is why I was originally under the impression that a character with a PPE-based Arcane Background should be able to make a Major Item with powers like summon ally or divination if they have the Major Item Creation Edge and that specific power, even if the item is limited in scope (the summoned ally would be a specific creature or type of being, likewise divination).

          So it looks like there are two boxes to tick to determine if a Major Item can have a power in it, in that it must be both on the Techno-Wizardry power list and be one the character knows.


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            Hey guys thanks for the discussion, I have edited my reply. Let me know what you think.

            The intent is that characters can install only powers they know. This means that if you want to embed a power, you actually have to earn it.

            I was worried about what spells might seep into the list (through different power lists or the HJ result mentioned above), but hey this is Rifts® right? Lets consider and playtest the new wording for a bit. Thanks
            Sean Owen Roberson
            Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds


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              Ndreare commented
              Editing a comment
              Thank you,
              I love this change/update.

              Any chance we could get a PDF in the pipeline with with an aggregation of the erratas like we have for SWADE.