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Vampire Psychic Abilities - no Swarm control

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  • Vampire Psychic Abilities - no Swarm control

    I was reading through the "Into the Desert Night" PPC, in Blood and Banes, and there is a passing mention of Vampires controlling swarms of bats, but I don't see anything indicating that ability in the write up for wild or secondary Vamps.

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    Originally posted by Beast Friend Power, pg 155, SWADE
    This spell allows an individual to speak with and guide the actions of nature’s beasts. The cost to cast is equal to the sum of their Size (minimum 1 per creature; see the creatures in Chapter Six for examples). Controlling five wolves (Size -1) costs 5 points (remember the minimum cost of 1), for example. Controlling a rhino (Size 5) costs 5 points.

    Success means the creatures obey simple commands, like a well-trained dog. They attack foes and endanger their lives for their master. A raise on the arcane skill roll means the beasts are more obedient. They won’t kill themselves but overcome their natural fears to follow their orders.

    Swarms can also be controlled. Small Swarms cost 1 point, Medium Swarms cost 2, and Large Swarms cost 3.

    Beast friend works only on natural creatures with animal intelligence, not humanoids, and has no effect on conjured, magical, or otherwise “unnatural” animals.
    All vamps in Rifts have psionic abilities. They just need to acquire the Beast Friend power and they're all set.

    Edit: Correction, all secondary and master Vampires have psionic abilities. Wild vamps are just losers.
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