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Elemental Fusionists and Heroic Journeys

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  • Elemental Fusionists and Heroic Journeys

    So, right now, Elemental Fusionists can ONLY take Heroic Journey rolls from Education, Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets, Experience & Wisdom, Magic & Mysticism, and Training. Got a couple problems with this:

    As per the rules, Arcane Background (Gifted) {as well as Arcane Background (Weird Science) other than Techno-Wizards] use PP. That instantly disqualifies them from Magic & Mysticism, as that table requires PPE. I can see the table being useful to them but As Is, they can't take any rolls here since they do not qualify.

    Furthermore, Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets grant TW items. Gifted and Weird Scientists cannot use TW gear. This means that EFs cannot use this table either.

    This limits EFs to Education, Experience & Wisdom, and Training. I can sorta see Underworld & Black Ops being out because most of their rolls deal with technology, but only having three tables and no ability to take HJs to increase their powers is a severe limitation for an IF that already has half the PP of most other caster IFs.

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    Yeah, that definitely seems like errata. I'm guessing that originally EFs were gonna be magicians and when they were changed to Gifted, that got overlooked.

    So M&M and EI&MG should definitely be struck from the list, which (as you note) leaves just Education, Experience & Wisdom, and Training. Harsh, yeah.

    Personally, I think it's reasonable to add Underworld & Black Ops because a lot of that table has nothing to do with tech. In fact, if you were to just add "Underworld & Black Ops (reroll results 1-4)" to the list, it'd be perfect.


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      Originally posted by magusrogue View Post
      So, right now, Elemental Fusionists can ONLY take Heroic Journey rolls from Education, Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets, Experience & Wisdom, Magic & Mysticism, and Training.
      My book says Body Armor, Close Combat Weapons, Cybernetics, Psionics, Ranged Weapons, and Underworld and Black Ops. Of those, only Cybernetics is always bad. Except for the Menalist Edge, Psionics doesn't grant anything mechanically incompatible with Elemental Fusionist.


      • Radecliffe
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        Those are the tables they CAN'T use.

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      Think you got an older copy, paladin


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        That's what both my pdf of 8 OCT 19 and hardcopy say.
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          Yes, but it says any tables EXCEPT THOSE. So that leaves Education, EI&MG, E&W, M&M, and Training, just like magusrogue said.

        • paladin2019
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          I guess reading is fundamental.

          That said, why in the name of all that is coherent would you change the format of the information in the fields of this technical document to the EXACT OPPOSITE OF THE EXEMPLAR ENTRIES in the baseline document?!?!?! Then Blood and Banes goes on to throw formatting right out the window, so you can't scan the document and get the meaning, each entry must be closely read. </rant>
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        Well EF really should be AB: Miracles to begin with. It would be the most appropriate fit from original Warlock, and it would avoid a lot of the issues keep showing up for them.

        I feel like the only reason they gave them AB Gifted was because they wanted to have at least one IF using the AB.

        Really they should have created a Rifts Superhuman IF and have given it the AB: Gifted instead. That would thematically work much better all around and let the Warlock be part of the magical environment of Rifts.


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          For what it's worth, I've added this line to the "Elemental Fusionist" page on our Savage Rifts wiki:

          Hero's Journey Rolls

          The Fusionist gets two rolls chosen from the following tables: Education, Experience & Wisdom, Training, or Underworld & Black Ops (reroll results 1-4).


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            Wouldn't it just be simpler to allow them to roll on the Magic & Mysticism table and have it apply to them. As for Enchanted Items just say that the devices are made useing Major/Minor Item creation instead of TW.


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              Ok, so on further thought, I've got an idea. Savage Rifts is all about breaking the rules, right? SOOO.... Techno-Wizards are Weird Science users, but they can roll on M&M and EI tables, despite being the wrong AB. Furthermore, despite not using PPE, they can empower TW items.

              Elemental Fusionists are mutants that draw not from magic as a wizard or priest would know of, but the life of the world itself. Warlock is a further extension of that: going by Avatar rules, Warlocks are Life Benders. So it makes sense their stuff isn't PPE. Remember, this isn't a direct translation, its a modernized interpretation to make the class more interesting. Don't forget the old EFs only get 2 elements PERIOD. FOREVER. That's it bucko. And Warlocks were just.... weird. They were written as EFs but pulling from life energies, IIRK.

              However, elemental energy is magic in its most raw form. Elementals are composed of magic bound to an elemental shape. EF's pull from those same energies. SOOOOO... Why not do like Techno-Wizards do? Make their AB be a variant of the Gifted AB (call it, I dunno, Elementalist?), use PPE instead of PP, and thus allow them to roll on the Magic & Mysticism (rerolling rolls of 16-17 like Miracles does) and Enchanted Items tables, allow them (and only them among Gifted because they're unique and different from normal mutant powers) to empower TW gadgets, and be done with it. Gives EF's a bit of a boost considering their low PPE pools (a trait shared with Techno-Wizards and only offset by the fact that they can use NATURE ITSELF as ley lines), and is a pretty elegant solution. Also still lets them take Extra Effort as well for a bit of a boost?


              • magusrogue
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                To even further my point, the text already points out they have a unique VERSION of Gifted. Just saying.

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              And also let them take Underworld. I wouldn't go so far as to take Body Armor though. EF's don't really mesh well with technology.


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                Try this errata out:
                Gain two rolls on the following tables: Education, Experience & Wisdom, Training, Underworld & Black Ops (reroll results that don't make sense).
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                  How would the Psionics work here then?


                  • PEGRoberson
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                    Fixed, thanks for catching that.

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                  Definitely better. I'm still thinking we should tweak their Gifted abilities kinda like how Weird Science was tweaked for Techno-Wizards but I can see how much work that'd be. As it is, while they have some cool stuff, their powers seem pretty limited compared to other power-based IFs