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Strong + Mega-Modifiers

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  • Strong + Mega-Modifiers

    Something I noticed while on another thread, and wanted to post here in case it's errata.

    Exalted Conceal Arcana explicitly states that it cannot be combined with Strong. But that isn't the case for Greater Blind or Greater Entangle, which implies heavily that these can be combined. (There are plenty of other cases where Exalted/Greater can combine with Strong, but in those cases the two modifiers do drastically different things; e.g., Illusion + Strong + Greater Illusion has zero overlap in modifier utility.)

    So you could cast Blind + Strong + Greater Blind to make the target at -6 to recover. And you could cast Entangle + Strong + Greater Entangle to make the target -6 to escape and . . . not sure about Hardness. I'm assuming Hardness 10 but I could definitely see an argument for Hardness 12.

    Accurate? Or errata?

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    I would let them stack.

    Yes the PPE cost would be high. But this is the edge powers have over the DPS of equipment based characters.


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      Accurate for rules intent. We can Errata it if people find this creates wonky imbalances in some way.
      Sean Owen Roberson
      Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds