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Psi Warrior and the Psi Blade

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  • Psi Warrior and the Psi Blade

    So the official written word for a Psi Warrior.
    • The Arts of Offense: The Psi-Warrior's Psi-Blade damage dice count as Claws when applying bonuses from Edges.
    So with a Strength is a D8, and my spirit is a D8. Does that mean it’s a D8+D8+?X2. I use the question mark because she has Martial Arts and Brawler edges. So is the final result is D8+D8+D6 X2?

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    No, it doesn't add a die. The Martial Arts and Brawler edges both bump the die type of claws. And per The Arts of Offense, the damage dice (not just the singular die added to Strength) count as Claws for that effect.

    So if she's rolling 2d8 for her psi sword normally, and that counts as Claws, then getting those die types bumped twice means it goes to 2d12.


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      Ah ok, it seemed odd to me I just didn’t know why