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Bio-Manipulation + Fatigue modifier?

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  • Bio-Manipulation + Fatigue modifier?

    Can these stack? Can my Mind Melter with Bio-Manipulation invoke Confusion + Fatigue modifier vs a foe, causing Confusion plus two levels of Fatigue (which can incapacitate) if successful?

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    I would rule No at my table.

    Bio Manipulation is just a superior form of Fatigue


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      If investing that much into maybe incapacitating a single target I think it should stack.

      The way the edge is written implies it does stack with all other effects. To get the full effect you need +2 PP, an edge and a raise while only effecting a single target to get two fatigue onto them. To incapacitate someone will need them to already have a fatigue and then get a raise since the normal fatigue modifier can not incapacitate someone.
      This still does not drop someone in a single attack either. It is very powerful but I do not consider it any worse then success with a raise when using unmodified puppet on someone.


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        Have I missed a new edge or power somewhere? Where did Bio-Manipulation come in? I didn't think there was a power like that in Savage Rifts?


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          It's included in the Tomorrow Legion Field Manual along with a handful of other things like the Dragon Hatchling variants, some other edges, and bit of gear, etc. The majority of the book from my perspective is GM tools and adventures so it may be missed by some as having some character option stuff in it.

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        I guess that, as written, there's nothing prohibiting the combination. And since Fatigue is a universal modifier (can be added to any applicable power unless something states otherwise), the combination must be RAW-legal.

        So unless I hear otherwise, that's what we'll go with.