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question about construct rules

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  • question about construct rules

    alright i am having a problem with the empires of humanity book for savage rifts for a construct you start with 24 points the artificial intelligence has a cost of -2, and the transferred intelligence is +0 obviously that leads me to believe that everything with -x is added to the points the tech level, on the other hand, technology base has them all listed in -x so i would believe that those points get added as well

    is that correct?

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    Yes, that is correct. It all adds or subtracts to make a perfect Iron Golem mage.


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      Start at 0 and add up to 24 when determining points


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        so there are no typos in the document as i find it hard to believe having an arcane system would be a negative, which would give me 28 points to start

        also the Bulky Heavy and Super heavy frames are all listed as +0 so does that mean adding up to +3 toughness doesn't cost anything?

        this document was shared from my GM btw.


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          The arcane system does not have the solar powered option, and can only be repaired via the lower of occult or spellcasting instead of technowizardry or repair.

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        Tangent: First thing you should do with the Intelligent Construct IF is to have a well defined concept in mind before going in. It’ll help immensely because there’s just so much there it’s hard to keep yourself from getting distracted by the shiny things. (Not being patronizing - this is how I have to approach SPC2, and after my first attempt at making a construct I realized I would need to approach it the same way)

        Start at 0 points (with a hard cap of 24).
        Add each selection to the total (whether negative or positive)
        When you hit to 24 stop. If you don’t have everything you need, drop unnecessary pieces or take additional negatives.
        Repeat until you reach 24 and are satisfied with the result.
        Also apply 5 attributes, Core Skills, 15 Skill points, and Hindrances (and then hindrance points) as desired.


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          okay it just seems much more over powered than the other IFs to me, though i am apparently wrong sorry for bothering you all


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            It is about as powerful as a combat cyborg. They can be more powerful if you are using them for other types of builds where they can become very defensive and still have magic or be a skill monkey.


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              It has some potential for abuse, Knight. You’re not wrong. It takes communication with the gm and a good concept in mind before starting, much like the super powers companion.


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                well i am recreating my very first rpg Character which was a robot wolf with Particle beam cannons mounted on it's shoulders. and so far i can do the basics and still have a bunch of points left over and i am already powerful without advances and i hope it is not too much as i cannot talk to my GM right now as he is at work and won't home until late and possibly not available till session that's why i am asking here.


                • Ndreare
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                  Holy smoke!

                  You picked the most complicated option there is to break your teeth on.

                  Please keep asking here, even post you build for feedback. This will involve a lot of learning for you. But expect awesome results.