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What does it look like? (savage foes critique)

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  • What does it look like? (savage foes critique)

    It just hit me.. the lack of art. Perusing this book I would go through an entry, say the neuron beast, and as I had played the previous incarnation, I knew what it looked like. But what of a new player?

    While art is expensive, it also can help a player (and GM). I wish that there was a little more art depicting a creature. While many people have played the palladium version, that shouldn't be a reason not to include art.

    For a foes book, I'd gladly trade adventures for visual depictions (beside the entry) of the creatures.

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    Hear hear


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      I personally wouldn't expect more art than in the original.


      • ValhallaGH
        ValhallaGH commented
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        The original needed more art. I had no idea what a Neuron Beast looked like until I did a google search.

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      I always want more art.


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        Either art or text that describes it


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          I found it little irritating that one of the pieces of art was of a Simvan but this was already used in the TLPG. So at least replace that with something different that isn't already illustrated (quite happy not to see pictures of Glitter Boys or Mind Melters because I've seen them in the TLPG)


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            Art is very expensive and time consuming.

            I would love a picture on every page, but i totally get why it is so hard for a company to do that.


            • ogbendog
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              Thus my suggestion of a text description if there is no art

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            Yeah, it all but requires people to purchase the Palladium source material to get descriptions and images associated with Rifts. The good news is that Palladium is coming out with a two volume Rifts Bestiary this year. Here's the link to volume 1: 896-Rifts-Bestiary-North-America-Volume-One.html


            • Radecliffe
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            Art is very expensive. Pinnacle has chosen quality over quantity of depictions. With this particular book, we are printing a new edition for the fans essentially at-cost, and didn't have the time or budget for expansive new art.

            I did slip in some art for the Slaver that wasnt there before so that they and the altara are more noticeable. Since taking over line development I have worked with our team to revamp the art process. Art is a huge priority for me, and I hope you like what we do with future products.
            Sean Owen Roberson
            Line Manager, Rifts for Savage Worlds


            • Portentious
              Portentious commented
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              Congratulations on taking the line. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure we all appreciate the time you spend with us here in the forums, especially now you've got even more responsibilities.

              I support your priority on art. For visual thinkers like me, art ignites our creative energies and our creative energies are what fuel our drive to play characters and immerse ourselves in the game.
              I think this is particularly appropriate for Savage Worlds settings. Just take a look at the powers descriptions. Without trappings the power descriptions are banal and uninspiring. Yet once we start thinking about trappings (and in the Techno wizard's case, the gadgets), all of a sudden we are interested in casting them and making them our own. So it is with art. Pages of mechanical text aren't necessarily inspiring for players, but a single dramatic image starts us thinking about how we would do it. That's the hook that gets us thinking about possibilities.

            • Scottbert
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              Quantity over quality would only get the art made fun of on the forums.

              There's no ideal solution -- a picture is worth a thousand words and you obviously don't have a thousand words to spare for each monster. A little more text description might help. Perhaps release an online supplement listing page references to classic RIFTS books for each monster in the book that had art in classic RIFTS?

            • steelbrok
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              That's fair enough, i certainly prefer a few decent pieces than lots that make me grimace.