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Is my Arcane Background interpretation correct?

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  • Is my Arcane Background interpretation correct?

    So, I'm assuming at this point that you can take Arcane Backgrounds after Character Creation. I'm led to believe that due to the Character Creation requirements for the Arcane Background (Gifted). Am I interpreting that correctly?

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    Arcane Background is a Background Edge.
    See SWADE pag. 37:
    These (Background) Edges are typically advantages a character is born with, learns from prolonged and extensive training, or gains after exposure to certain events.
    Players can choose these Edges after character creation with a little rationalization...
    Characters might be able to gain the Arcane Background Edge by finding a book of forbidden knowledge or training with another arcane type in their party during downtime between adventures.
    So, a Gifted character could have received the gift from another creature (ie. a Fae bestowing the powers to a mere mortal), or mabye he was bitten by a radioactive beetle! Or, again, he trained so hard that he surpassed the human limits.
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      Originally posted by michael.madore View Post
      So, I'm assuming at this point that you can take Arcane Backgrounds after Character Creation. ... Am I interpreting that correctly?

      Arcane Background (any variety) is a Background Edge. Background Edges can be taken after character creation, assuming the player can rationalize the acquisition sufficiently.

      Gifted is the one arcane background that is difficult to rationalize. Not impossible - Lord Lance's suggested fae bestowal is one of many possible sources - but it requires some consideration of what the power is and where mystical abilities come from in the setting. Maybe meditation and training have unlocked the mystical powers of the character's chi. Maybe the horrific foes they've faced have mutated the character, with the mostly beneficial effects of strange powers. Maybe the character was blessed by an otherworldly power (angel, demon, fae, god, etc.). Whatever the story consideration, it needs to be thought through and fitting to the setting.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        According to the latest Playtest edition of the TLPG AB(Gifted) is explicitly required to be taken at character creation making it unique. Unfortunately there are also restrictions as to which frameworks are allowed to access Gifted which are unclear to say the least, IMO.

        Originally posted by TLPG pg. 121
        Arcane Background (Gifted) may only be taken at character creation and is only available to Iconic Frameworks, including MARS, which specifically list it.
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          Oooops, sorry. I didn't notice I was in the Rift dedicated part of the forum. I arrived here from the "New Topics", so I overlooked the section.

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          As Bugs would say you should have made that left turn in Albuquerque.

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        According to the wording, as of TLPG and A&M that means Elemental Fusionist only for the time being. Unless I am misunderstanding something that is.


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          I’d be ok with that, but I’m assuming the intent is to keep Master of Magic as a Veteran? rank edge and not let anyone snag it w AB (Gifted) at Novice.

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          AB Gifted do not need Master of Magic it is irrelevant to them. i do not see why you would try to get an edge you are not allowed.

          Originally posted by TLPG Playtest 4, pg 121
          Gifted's powers are not psionic or magical, and the background does not allow the character to manipulate TW gear. On the plus side, the character has access to the Mega Power Modifiers for all Gifted powers possessed.

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          Gifted cannot be MoM/MP, but they get all Mega Modifiers as part of their AB. So for one Novice Esge, they get the benefits of 1 Novice Edge + 1 Veteran? Esge (without any of its other requirements).

          Which I’m fine with, but that is likely why it’s being highly regulated.