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  • Cloud Magic

    There is an table of contents entry in AM for Cloud Magic. What is written on page 35 is probably a sidebar: "to make cloud magic use Ab miracles and breezy trappings" . Does not seem to warrant a table of content item.

    I did make a "sky knight" using the Lyn-Srial race and spirit warrior Mars package. Worked out okay, although there is a weird duplication between spirit warrior regeneration Lyn-Srial regeneration:

    If it were to make a full fledged section that would be cool. Cloud Magic itself is in New West (WB14).

    ​​Sky Knight could be a MARS package, use Spirit Warrior replacing regeneration with some sort of cloud magic edge. With some possible edge chains like:
    Cloud Magic (access to unique modifiers)
    Cloud Weapon (psi-slayer for Ab miracles)
    Cloud Weapon Manipulation (per psi-weapon manipulation.

    A full IF would pretty much just be a cyberknight with Ab miracles and no anti hi-tech stuff.

    Just some thoughts.



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    Venatus Vinco like we talked about on hangouts. It seems like cloud magic seems hard to resist due to its alien form, and is awe inspiring. So maybe a couple power mods like:

    Cloud Magic:
    Alien Magic (+2): powers are harder to resist due to the bizzar nature of the magic. Increase the target difficulty to resist by 1.
    Beautiful (+1): If the attack is successful the target must make a spirit roll or be distracted. This modifier can only be used once per target.
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