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Cactus People and their "innate" mind link

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  • Cactus People and their "innate" mind link

    Their blurb says... "Cannot Speak: Cactus People have no vocal cords and communicate entirely through a weaker form of mind link (which they activate with no roll or ISP cost as a free action, Range of Spirit×4)."

    So how exactly is it weaker? Is it not an "innate" ability so they cannot use modifiers? If it is an innate ability and they can use power mods then how is it weaker?

    Also, why give them an innate Mind Link power then make the regular version a "must take" power from the AB: Psionics? The race is basically buying the power twice.

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    The mind link power can work across miles of range and can operate at 30 times normal speed. Plus what Mega Power Modifiers can do.

    Contrast with a range of Spirit x4 (max of 48"), that can't be activated with a Raise (because no roll is used).

    Definitely weaker. Still a great ability, letting you whisper to almost anyone if you spend an action to set up the link and they are willing to let you. I'd call this a net racial benefit, though not being able to speak normally is a pretty big drawback.

    As for why they have to also have it as a psionic power? I have no idea. That actually seems kind of silly, since they now have a great short range mind link to use in social, diplomatic, or close combat situations and have the normal version of mind link for exploring ruins, staying in touch across town, or communicating at super speeds.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      Can't spellcast if you can't speak. That would be a significant IF restriction.


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        Originally posted by Joe Brown View Post
        Can't spellcast if you can't speak. That would be a significant IF restriction.
        Good catch! It effectively bars them from AB: Magic and Mysticism. I wonder if that is factored into the value of the trait.


        • ValhallaGH
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          Almost certainly.
          "Cannot Speak" is a standard racial drawback, from the core rules. The Arcane Background limitations are implied but not explicitly stated, since the relevant Arcane Backgrounds may not be included in all campaigns.
          The only noteworthy aspect of Cactus People "cannot speak" is that it includes game mechanics for how they can communicate with others.
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