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why does Load-Bearing Reinforcement exist?

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  • why does Load-Bearing Reinforcement exist?

    The way it works is now pointless compared to the much better option of just increasing your strength. Am I missing something?

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    A very niche use since you can only raise Strength so often but I agree, unless I was creating a Cyborg Nodwick there really isn't much point to it at all. Now if it duplicated Brawny was well as stacked with it then you'd have something. Assuming you wanted to create a size three Cyborg anyway.


    • Deskepticon
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      Size is still largely a product of an object's mass, with each point doubling the mass before it. Although I get what you're saying here, I just don't see how a little extra reinforcement can add half a ton of mass to the 'borg.

    • Radecliffe
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      Actually it's double size and cube mass and this is the beauty of a system that doesn't try to dive into every little detail. Say what you want it to do and then make up an explanation. Maybe the reinforcement doesn't cause the mass but the mass requires the reinforcement of allows for the additional mass.

      As is this cybernetic enhancement is pretty useless.

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    Originally posted by Psychonus View Post
    The way it works is now pointless compared to the much better option of just increasing your strength. Am I missing something?
    Great for labor slaves. Make them better at lifting and carrying without making them more powerful combatants.

    Otherwise, yeah, it's pretty pointless. 13 times the price, same Strain, and only half the benefit of Bionic Strength Augmentation.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      It doesnt. What you see is a lie. It is dead to me and will be disappearing from your copy of the PDF soon, replaced by something actually useful.

      Which is a nuclear reactor with weapon power chord (thats a joke, but I'm only joking about heavy metal and cyborgs, not about a nuclear battery replacing that entry on the cybernetics table).
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      • Scottbert
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        Nuclear battery? You know, that's another thing I'd like to see clearer rules about, the way Pinnacle added actual rules for how credits work: What is the deal with Nuclear. In existing text it's all over the place -- sometimes referred to as fission, or fusion, or batteries (but outputting way too much power to be an RTG.)

        The most consistant answer I've been able to come up with is that 'micro-fission', which was mentioned in the Canada book I think, is some kind of solid-state nuclear fission reactor that can last for years or decades without refueling, and is the standard for nuclear power. 'Nuclear battery' and 'power pack' and the like are just nicknames for this. It avoids the question of where people get fuel for their fusion reactors, or how RTGs put out so much power.

      • PEGRoberson
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        The manuscript text names are directly derived from the source material, though I sometimes botch them when speaking off the cuff. This edition does have clearer game mechanics for using nuclear power supplies to do things like recharge E-clips (and soon power weapons for cyborgs). I don't think we have room to cover a ton of background about the applied phlebotinum of "nuclear" power supplies though, which has shifted and changed over the past 30 years as our civilization's understanding of nuclear energy has grown.

        I'm glad you like the work that we did on the credits system. That was a deep dive into Rifts lore.

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      It could fit if the cost and mechanics made more sense.