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Activating TW items

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  • Activating TW items

    Is it an action to activate TW items? It doesn't really matter for armor, since 1 PP lasts an hour.

    It might not matter for a ranged weapon, you can, presumably, charge the pack the holster it

    But I assume you can't charge a TW melee weapon and then turn it off, that spending the PP activates your Draining blade or whatever?

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    Was a free action previously. I’m assuming it still is, unless it says otherwise.


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      Under Techno-Wizardry Ranged Weapons it says pumping PP into a weapon is an action. I'd say it should be a free action for melee weapons, otherwise it makes TW weapons much less desirable.


      • DarkFlite
        DarkFlite commented
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        It specifically says on page 98 it's a free action to activate the light-sword and flame-sword. So I would presume as written, the other melee weapons do require an action to activate.
        It might not be a bad idea to move "Activate as a free action" up into the block paragraph describing how TW Melee weapons work in general.

      • Café Truck
        Café Truck commented
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        Oh, man. Yeah, gotta be a free action. Probably good to clarify this.

      • ogbendog
        ogbendog commented
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        It depends if activation = charging.
        I mean, maybe you can spend a pp to add 5 rounds of use to your TW melee weapon, but not turn it on.

        for that matter, it's a bit redundant that every TW melee weapon says it costs 1 PP

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      Battle Fury blade is, I assume 1 pp for 5 rounds. Then +1 for silver? and 4 more for the test?
      for Earth shaker, do you spend the +3 each hit, or on activation for the havoc?


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        For Armor, it says what happens if it's not activated; you lose special properties and 1/2 armor and toughness.
        Presumably a Battle Fury Flade is just a (short/long?) sword that does strs + d8 with no AP? not sure about the draining blade, min strs d4 implies rapier or dagger

        Each shaker is probably a club?

        It could be that it's still an action for the flaming Sword or slgith blade to be charged, but it's free to extend the blade ??