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Powering adventuring gear

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  • Powering adventuring gear

    Shouldn't things like the Bio-Analysis Kit, Communicator, Field Computer, Holo-display Communicator, etc. take an e-clip and have some sort of duration?

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    No. IMHO, unless a GM has a specific need this level of detail doesn't add anything useful and just clutters up books and takes up page count. If a GM does need it for some reason they can make it up. One of the things I like about Savage Worlds is that it doesn't get bogged down with these kinds of details.


    • ogbendog
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      An excellent point.
      A single comment like, they have a build in power source which lasts for years might work. Or even that you could treat technical complications as low power supply

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      i think the FFF rule has to be at play more on these boards. There cannot possibly be hard rules for everything, it's impossible. As the GM sometimes you need to adjudicate.

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    They probably shouldn't have to track charges, but eventually the question will come up. Perhaps at most a guideline for all such non-combat electronic gear? Sort of like how Eclipse Phase states that all battery-powered gear lasts for 100 hours of heavy use or 500 hours of light use. (Not that I think GMs should make people track 'hours of use', this is more to have an idea of what happens if you go a week without a way to charge your gear or something.)


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      Melee weapons last an hour if continuous use, "can be effective for months without requiring a recharge"
      I like my idea of using low battery as trappings for Technical Difficulty