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    Pg 13 of the A and M, The Fusionist's life sign should be chosen carefully because it grants special elemental abilities... There is only one special ability as far as I can tell that differentiates the life signs.

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      There's actually two. You can sense your own life sign, and one of the iconic edges gives major buffs to your life sign but only lesser ones to the others.

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    I can't be the only one who's noticed that Page 12 has a huge blank space where (presumably) a picture of an Elemental Fusionist should be.


    • Radecliffe
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      I doubt they have all the art done yet.

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      Yeah, I was just considering that now.

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    Growth/Shrink appears on pg. 13 under the Earth power list without an asterisk, but it does not appear on other lists, UNTIL you get to the Warlock Edge on pg. 31. Is Growth/Shrink suppose to be a Warlock ability only? I think it's a warlock thing, since growing/shrinking doesn't seem to be in line with manipulating the elements.....


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      In the players guide: Alien Physiology, is inconsistently written. Some races have it written: Alien Physiology: Quick Flex are quite alien, giving those unfamiliar with their biology a –2 penalty to Healing and cybernetics checks—Juicer and Crazy augmentations don't work on them—and Rifts Earth cybernetics and medical supplies/services that are compatible require double the listed price.

      others have it written: Alien Physiology: Lyn-Srial are quite alien, giving those unfamiliar with their biology a –2 penalty to Healing; compatible medical supplies/services cost double the listed price

      Its like the juicer and crazy was left out of some. Even the grackletooth does not barr them with its „ „ Bizarre Physiology: Grackle physiology is quite bizarre, those unfamiliar with their biology suffer a –4 to penalty to Healing checks, and compatible Rifts® Earth medical supplies/services require quadruple the listed price.

      Also periods are missing from some of the Alien Physiology like the Lyn-Srial.


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        A&M p. 18, under the Zapper's Electrical Aura: Where it mentions stacking, the protection power should be italicized.


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          A and M, pg 47... A few of the TW close combat weapons are enchanted items. Seems like they need their own section.


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            Originally posted by tbone9581 View Post
            A and M, pg 47... A few of the TW close combat weapons are enchanted items. Seems like they need their own section.
            Not sure how much formatting flexibility there is but is it possible to group magic items in one place.

            In the "Armor" section there is a neat entry on page 42 about enchanted armor.

            Then the Spirit Bow, Spirit Spear, etc are listed in amongst TW weapons on pages 46-47.

            Then there there is a big half page side bar on Magic Items and Equipment (with the awesome spirit bow image) on page 48.

            Perhaps, a section called Magic Items and Equipment with the bow, spear, armor rules, and item sidebar all neatly in one place would be cleaner?

            I guess it's a matter of preference but at the very least give the bow and spear their own table heading called "magic weapons" .



            • tbone9581
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              I just need to know which ones are TW for crit failures

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            Valid point needing to know if a weapon is subject to technical difficulties or not.


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              Page 47
              Techno-Wizardry Close Combat Weapons Table
              Mage Staff
              "Notes: FCost" should be just "Notes: Cost"


              • Not sure if this is a typo:
                Page 23-24
                Shaman MARS Package
                Begin with Artificer edge but not the requisite d6 Repair.


                • PAge 24
                  Spirit Warrior MARS Package
                  Power list says "armor" should be deleted. "protection" is also on the list already
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                  • Dragon juicer armor in the A and M has claw damage, it should be str + 1d4, not add an additional +1d4 damage.


                    • Can we have the contents of the gm guide moved to the gm section? And have the main table of contents say when there gm section starts?

                      I feel like it's almost spoilers to have the names of each chapter and main character in the front of the book.


                      • A and M, pg 22 psi slinger powers: “Begin with Psionics d6, Arcane Background (Psionics), 10 ISP, plus bolt, protection, smite, and telekinesis as Innate Abilities with the Range (Self) limitation. Choose one other power from the standard Psionics list.”

                        it is weird to have bolt and telekinesis with range self only.


                        • Couple of important bits.

                          The Index at the back of the book has two blank pages and one page that looks to be just a copy/paste of the TLPG Index. Presumably this is a placeholder but it probably shouldn't have made it into this release.

                          The listed weights for Ranged and Close Combat Weapons are both using the SWD weight values, not the SWADE values. For example, the TW Great Sword weighs 12 (same as SWD and the earlier version of SWADE, I wanna say v2.0) while the current book lists Great Swords at weight 6. Those tables should definitely be updated for SWADE compatibility, and it might be a good idea to quickly skim the armors to make sure that weights are appropriately scaled down.

                          Lastly, several Automatons are listed as having the Fast Regeneration ability. Buuut they don't have a Vigor score; the mechanics of Fast Regen are a Vigor roll every round to remove 1–2 Wounds, so this Fast Regeneration ability should specify what die the Automaton should roll. Tangentially, since like 3–4 Automatons have this ability, it might be worth outlining the mechanics for it (pilot spends 10 PP to activate, roll _____ to heal) before listing the Automatons, then listing this ability under each vehicle's Notes. Maybe give it a new name, like Psycho-Reactive Plating or something. Saves a lot of page space
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