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  • PDF Release Date

    So, I just got the email that the release date is gonna be pushed back a bit. And I just came to say...

    ...totally fine. First, it's cool to let us know. But second, and more important, we see how much you've been busting your *** to listen to us players and actually take our feedback into account, and if that's delayed the project a little in order to provide a higher level of quality, I for one am totally on board.

    You're doing an awesome job and we appreciate it. <3

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    I'll be hitting Refresh on my email inbox next Wednesday so hard I'll probably break it.


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      A whole week?!? Ack! Urk! Hnnnng! Thud...


      • Maelgwyn
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        It's a trick......get an axe!

      • Radecliffe
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        Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg... Booooooooooooks,.. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKSSSSS...

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      Pretty sure we will be testing RIFTS on a one shot on roll20 next week.

      Need to test veteran ranks and see if it is the same as novice
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        Kudos to the team for making sure to realize a great release vs rushing to hit a deadline.

        I'm excited for the new content, am sad i'll have to wait a bit, but with 6 books and 10 weeks, we may be getting a new book every 2 weeks.


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          I'd like to point out guys....
          This is the same team that found the Errors in the SWADE files.
          They Rock More than you think (Depending how close you are paying attention)

          And I can't wait to look at the PDFs because I don't have even the old version.


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            Where would one go to acquire pitchforks and torches, as my level of outrage knows no bounds? (This message translated from gutteral grunts of fury and angst by Bixby. Good phone, have an SD Card treat)

            But seriously, not bad timing, I'm kicking off my first real SWADE session using the prior playtest doc on the 22nd, so it gives me a couple days to look it over and decide on using any new changes or going forward as is until the final release. All I dread is more complaints from the party members who were already annoyed at having to look at 3 separate pdfs to make a character. Pffft, kids these days, shoulda thrown GURPS at paperback.

            Personally, I'm grateful for the update, and I'm sure I'm with most in knowing that as with any kickstarter, especially those that encourage player feedback and actually utilize it, release windows are tricky targets, dont be too hard on yourselves.


            • Fraser
              Fraser commented
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              OMG those silly little complainers....
              My GM prep involves me with 80 (I'm not kidding) Palladium Books on my Dining room table prepping up a Rifts adventure
              and often referencing at least 8 Books for a single bad guy Build (To make it fun)
              My Game prep prior to Savage looked more like I was in Law School (Or Parmedical School again) than it looked like a Game Set up......
              My guys that I play with grew up with me and know this so would never complain about it.

              Kids today indeed....