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Glitter Boy drawbacks Sonic Boom and Stand by to Fire

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  • Glitter Boy drawbacks Sonic Boom and Stand by to Fire


    I am converting over Noble, the Glitter Dog Boy for an upcoming demo/play test I am running, and I was wondering do the drawback sonic boom and standby to fire remain as stating in the TLPGv1?


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    “Digging In” changed, but the other two sections you mentioned stayed the same.

    Originally posted by Conversion Doc
    Digging In New text: Activating/deactivating the stabilization system is an action. Firing the Boom Gun without these measures knocks the Glitter Boy 2d6" back and prone, leaving the pilot Stunned. While dug in, the Glitter Boy cannot move, can only fire to the front and sides (180 degrees), and attackers gain +2 to attack rolls against the power suit.


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      Café Truck Thanks, I appreciate it. That is what I thought, but I figured I would confirms since I hadn't seen anything posted.


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        Salcor Stand By to Fire is staying the same. Sonic Boom is being updated as follows:
        Sonic Boom

        Firing a Boom Gun causes a sonic boom affecting everyone (except the pilot) within a Large Burst Template, who much check Vigor at –2. With a failure, the victim of the sonic boom is Hard of Hearing (per the Major Hindrance) for 3d6 minutes and becomes Shaken—may not cause a Wound—with a Critical Failure the victim is Stunned instead of Shaken. Those with Hard of Hearing (Minor) or wearing Environmental Body Armor check at Vigor +2; those with Hard of Hearing (Major) are immune to the sonic boom.

        Let me know how the playtest goes with this updated entry
        Sean Owen Roberson
        Line Editor, Rifts for Savage Worlds


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          PEGRoberson Awesome thanks. People always seem to take the glitter boy in Demos.


          • Ndreare
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            And rightfully so.

          • Salcor
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            Ndreare How very true.