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    Can we please get at least a general justification for why these are slated for the chopping block? My cyber players are asking me WHY these are being cut and all I can do is shrug and guess.

    (My guess is because they stack too easily into d12+X skill levels? But even if that's the case, they'd be so easy to revise by just getting rid of the stacking. Or is it something else?)


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      My guess is that they might have gotten chopped because they were not in paladium rifts. It seems like they are going back and paring down things that were just addedlike all of the crazies psi powers


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        But they do appear in Savage Rifts, the game we've all been playing and supporting the past couple of years. If authenticity to Palladium Rifts was the end-all be-all, we could play Palladium Rifts.


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          They will still exist in my games. Otherwise AB characters are to out balanced in my opinion with their +2/4 to any trait needed whenever needed.

          I started a general chat thread in Castle Refuge about it. But it seems I am in the minority of thinking it is a missbalance.


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            Ndreare I think that you have shown me to 'fix" my now chipless "Cyber, Psi-Opp-Stalker! The focus of the build was investigation (Hacking, Forensic accounting,LPO stuff) The skill chips were the keystone to being "that Guy" He had been sitting on 4 pts of strain which he offset in various ways. I am thinking that as a Psi-Opp' Skill chips" can be a trapping of Boost Trait. The character can still keep Core Computing package but the other 'cyber" elements become part of the AB. If i work it out correctly then the character can maintain both its strengths and continuity. What do you think?

          • Ndreare
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            I do like the idea of a new trapping that works like the AB. I do not see why it would not work.

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          IF you are concerned with skill chips unbalancing things (and honestly I can see it, I remember people bragging about how high they can get a skill with chips), then revising them is in order.

          I'd actually suggest they retool Skill Chips to be a five tier set of chips from d4 to d12, and it gives you that level of skill. So that City Rat that suddenly has to hold his own while piloting a jet pack for a heist can buy a chip for Piloting at d6 or d8 and he's good for the op. If he buys piloting with XP he uses the higher level, so if his pilot is d6 and the chip is d8, he uses d8. Same for the headhunter who needs to upload a virus. He puts in a Computer chip at d10, provided by his boss, and for that mission he's a Computer genius, even though his own natural skill is a lowly d4.

          The other choice might be to allow Smarts based skills to be this or a reroll. So if you have Engineering skill at d8 and a chip at d6, it offers you a reroll if you fail. You could limit it, if you wanted (once per session, once per scene, etc) but I think it'd work as is. Maybe you limit the reroll to the skill level of the chip. So if you have a skill of d6 and a d8 chip, you just use the d8 skill and done. If you have a skill of d6 and a chip of d6, you reroll with a d6 as normal. If you have a skill of d8 and a chip of d6, you reroll at d6 instead. But you get the reroll because the chip helps you remember facts you might have forgotten at first.


          • Ndreare
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            I do like this idea, but...
            This still leaves the Tech characters second fiddle in their life's dedicated skill and sole path to any arcane characters.

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          Ndreare hits the nail on the head above. Removing skill chips means that Exalted Boost Trait becomes the only way to buff/add a skill on the fly, which means yet another niche that arcane characters fill. Our cyber-focused characters are worried that they're getting nerfed for no other reason than "magic and psi is cooler than tech."


          • Freemage
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            What I object to is the notion that the 'solution' for this problem is to also diminish Greater Boost Trait. It just means that EVEN a party with a dedicated skill-monkey and a buff-caster can't get to the heights seen before. Undercutting the cyber-skill monkey and then eliminating GBT just makes the Skill Monkey an even less attractive build, because specialization is the only way to get any skill to a solid level, and that means investing all your character build into a very narrow field. At least with GBT, the Skill-character can be rewarded for 'going broad'--get d6s or d8s in as many utility skills as possible, and then let the mage play support. If the Mage prefers to just boost himself in those skills for some reason at that point, find a new table, because you're playing with a selfish idiot.

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          I guess that together with Boost trait, this particular cyberware can be abused.
          Think it should be easy to say that a skillchipped skill cant be boosted by Arcane powers, that way we avoid an issue.
          An explanation could be that since it is technical in nature it just cant be affected by magic nor psionic.
          Just an idea.


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            I've always prefered a two-tiered method when dealing with skillchips. You have the easy to acquire and cheap to buy chips that grants d4 to d8 on a given skill (and it doesn't stack with natural skills) and the state of the art, costly and hard to come by superchips that grants +1 to +3 to a skill check.


            • dentris
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              Something like this:

              Skill Port
              A system directly attached to the user's nervous system which allows him to use skill chips: computer programs which compensates a lack of training in specific fields and for the right price, even improving the aptitudes of masters. The basic version allows skill chips linked to either Smarts or Agility, but not both. In addition, using a skill chips has no Strain cost, but requires a Skill Port of equal or greater level.
              Level 1 (Strain 1, 3000 credits)
              Level 2 (Strain 1, 10000 credits)
              Level 3 (Strain 2, 20000 credits)

              Combat upgrade (The standard version requires complex algorithms and isn't Quick enough to be of use in combat. With this upgrade, the skill chips may be used un combat situations and changing between chips is a free action)
              Strain 2, 20 credits

              Superchips upgrade (The skill Port can read superchips)
              Strain 2, 50000 credits

              Versatile Chip Port (The Skill Port can now be used to read both Agility and Smarts skillchips)
              Strain 1, 5000 crédits

              Skill chips
              Rank 1 (Grant d4 in a specific skill, doesn't stack with skill ranks from other sources, 2000 credits)
              Rank 2 (Grant d6 to a specific skill, doesn't stack with skill ranks from other sources, 5000 credits)
              Rank 3 (Grant d8 to a specific skill, doesn't stack with skill ranks from other sources, 10000 credits)

              Rank 1 (Grant +1 to all checks made with a specific skill, 30000 credits)
              Rank 2 (Grant +2 to all checks made with a specific skill, 60000 credits)
              Rank 3 (Grant +3 to all checks made with a specific skill, 100000 credits)

            • Radecliffe
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              Not a fan. Have or don't. Leave it to the GM to decide how hard to get it is. They're going to anyway.