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  • Can openers?

    So, question for the group. What strength might you require, what TN would you use, for a super-strong creature or pack of creatures to pull or rip off a power or robot armor helmet/head, or limb? Use some variant of the breaking things rules? Special modifiers if one is pulling on one arm and another the other arm? Inquiring minds are interested in opinions...

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    I once saw someone suggest (months ago) it would be as high as the normal Toughness less the size modifier (for toughness) to target and damage specific items on a vehicle or robot. I really liked that and have used it since. So ripping the arm off of a Gunwolf (or another part of it) might be a TN 29. Ripping off the head of a Predator might be around a 19-20 (depending upon pilot's toughness). You probably wouldn't want it too easy, as most of those would completely debilitate the robot/PA. It was also suggested you would still keep the size modifier of the part you're attacking. If you're using a grabbing attack/strength, you will likely need to make a grappling check as well.


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      I would use the Breaking Things rule in the Core rules, using the RA or PA Toughness/Armor. So ripping a Glitterboy apart would require a minimum Strength of d12+13, if you roll maximum damage while wild attacking.

      If you just want to open a hole or breach it, I would ignore the Size Bonus. Like Breaking a EX-5 Behemot with your barehands requires a Strength of d12+18.

      Thanks the the Exalted Boost Trait Power, Cyborgs and Dragons can reach these numbers relatively easily, though.


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        Freemage's Not-quite Quick&Dirty Rules for Attacking Elements of Vehicles, etc:

        Imagine Power/Robot/Vehicle (hereafter: System) as a Size 0 figure.
        Determine relative size of targeted Element; apply appropriate Called Shot penalty. Most Vehicular Weapons will be -2 on Power Armor and -4 on Robot/Vehicular Armor. Hatches will be -4 to -6. External Sensors are -6 to -8.
        Apply Matter of Size Rules to the Modifier, if appropriate. This gives the final modifier to hit.
        Use damage rules for Breaking Things. Toughness for common targets (all are considered MDC, and thus require MD weapons to do damage):
        • Vehicular Weapons: 10 + 2*Mod Cost
        • Hatches: System's Armor Value+System Size
        • Sensor systems: 10+System Size
        If the Element is damaged, roll a d6, adding 1 for every 4 points over the base Toughness, and read it on the Technical Difficulties Chart. This is the effect suffered by the Element (remember, an already damaged Element will have its TD level increased by one, at a minimum).

        Note that this means a single hit may very well not do enough damage to fully disable a system, unless it's a fairly solid hit (16 damage for Mod 1 Weapons, since you need at least a +1 on the d6 roll to completely disable an item via Technical Difficulties). Far more often, this will be a tactic used by lots of MD-capable infantry against a single Robot Armor or Vehicle--this way, 4 hits that barely damage the weapon will still take it out.


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          Thanks for all the ideas, great stuff. Addendum question, is it reasonable for claws/bite to factor into ripping a piece of armor off?


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            I wouldn't. If they want to use them, just do a normal attack. At best, you could give a small +2 bonus for using "tools" to assist. I would give a similar bonus to a "MDC" crowbar, for example.


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              I suppose in a certain sense it is something of a fancily trapped Called Shot at that point...hmm