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    Looting enemy equipment is the main source of revenue for our little band of agents, but recently the CS and Kittani self-destruct systems have been robbing us of much deserved swag.
    Vehicles I can typically teleport into and neutralize the crew before they can trigger the destruct system. But power armor and robots have the good weapons and systems.
    What would people suggest for ways to rapidly disarm (or prevent from arming) a self destruct? (Machine Maestro or TW devices?)
    For laughs, any suggestions on how to trick or hack CS systems/personnel to trigger the destruct early? (Teleporting into the control room with a dragon and shouting "The vehicle is ours!" works almost every time, but isn't always an option.)

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    Hopefully some of these ideas can help. Best option is almost always getting a Psychic to puppet a pilot. Without that here are a couple thoughts

    Greater Slumber can shut people down for a while. It will also be very hard for someone to "actively" wake someone while they are within a giant robot. If your GM dislikes the idea of an area spell working on vehicles/robots then come up with a trapping that removes the area and makes it a targeted spell. Then it can target pilots at a penalty just like boost/lower trait and puppet.

    For power armor you can always shoot for the head on one enemy and then take another out through the torso. This turns two suits into one whole suit with a bit of repair.

    As for stopping a self destruct being armed if you know where it is built in a robot you could try using Telekinesis on the self destruct device's activation controls and turn it into a Telekinesis strength vs the pilots strength to stop it form being used. This does mean someone else has to Wreck the robot as your fighting with the pilot. A wrecked robot is still better then no robot.
    Telekinesis might also be used to try hitting the CS ejection system on their robots.
    Telekinesis is designed to move objects so how finely you can manipulate things will be up to your GM and trappings.

    If Telekinesis is only for basic movement of objects then Clairvoyance can be used with it to find the pilots side arm and beat them down with it inside the cockpit. With Quickness you could be fast enough to KO them before they can do anything about it.


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      For the mundane strategy, pilots do not live 24h on their Power armor. They get out every so often and it can ne very useful to stalk and ambush a group when at least one Power armor is out of commission, lacking a pilot ans coincidently a reliable selfdestruct.


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        In this scenario does the pilot die? I would assume so for power armor though the argument could be made that for vehicles and robot armor destruction could be achieved without killing the pilot. My point being is that you have to be pretty hardcore to commit suicide rather than be captured in combat. As a GM I'm not going to assume that every mook is that hardcore. There would have to be a Spirit roll or something along those lines (with situational modifiers applied) for the NPC to actually go through with it.


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          Many coalition vehicles also have a deadswitch. Not exactly selfdestruct, but it melts down key components, wiring and systems. You end up with a very heavy and costly lawn ornament with no functioning electronics or moving parts. It could theorically be repaired, but cannot move on its own until then and it would be cheaper to get one on the Black market instead.