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Anti-Missile Systems for Power Armor

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  • Anti-Missile Systems for Power Armor

    I've got a player wishing to attach an Anti-Missile System (AMS) to his power armor....I don't recall if AMS in Rifts Earth were small enough to attach to power armor. Anyone know? If so, what would the rules for said AMS?



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    There are rules for a AMS systems in the Sci Fi Compendium.I think they are for giant robots but they you might be able to use the rules to create a scaled down version.


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      Given how Missiles work in RIFTS, an AMS would probably provide a simple bonus on the Agility roll to avoid the damage. But should only provide that bonus so many times (limited number of Chaff, decoys, etc.).
      Minor AMS +1 Agility. (High chance to avoid mini-missiles, decent odds to avoid Light / Medium, improved chance to avoid Heavy)
      Normal AMS +2 Agility. (Virtual certainty to avoid mini-missiles, solid chance to avoid Light / Medium, chance to avoid Heavy)
      Major AMS +4 Agility. (Virtual certainty to avoid mini-missiles, virtual certainty to avoid Light / Medium, goo chance to avoid Heavy)
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Thanks! I couldn't find where the dodge penalties for Mini-missiles are, Light Medium, etc...can you provide a page reference for those, because I have totally missed them..will likely make the GB pilot happy knowing he can dodge the missiles.

        The AMS system I saw was in the core rules, but didn't provide a cost, weight, or anything like that...just RoF 5, 5d6, destroys one missile on a roll of 1. This was specifically what my GB player had in mind..a miniaturized Phalanx system to have a chance to shoot down those pesky missiles.

        Thanks again for the help!



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          Disregard...found the pages that show the negatives for various blast templates. Failed my Notice check there....