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Zapper and Read The Flame

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  • Zapper and Read The Flame

    The Zapper is said to have access to all of the Burster's iconic edges but trapped as electricity. How exactly does that apply to Read The Flame?

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    "Read the Spark." Instead of understanding how a fire works, you'll understand the flow of electricity. Actually even more useful IMO because you could tell things like whether a control panel is receiving electrical power, if it isn't you'll know where the break is, etc.


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      I like this generally. How would that interact with Read The Flame's raise scenario, where the Burster gets info on when and by whom and, potentially, why a fire was started?


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        Perhaps you can instinctively follow a particular electrical circuit back to its source (good for always knowing which light switch activates any given light) and have insight into who last flipped the switch?

        Seems pretty lame, but you can build from there.


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          You could maybe work toward identifying a ghost by getting a read on the people who were executed in an electric chair.


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            So I've decided to add some disclaimers and share the unofficial Savage Rifts: Eruptors PDF that my group has been using for a while. While the main feature there is that I converted over the eruptors from The Rifter #19, a secondary benefit is that I also expanded all of the Iconic Edges (including the Zapper's version of Read the Flames) and added a few rules clarifications.

            If anyone sees any issues or has feedback, please don't hesitate to let me know.


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              I like the version of read the flame you've included, pkitty. I'll be using it at my table. Thank you! That problem was really vexing me.