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  • Flying Pace increases

    This ruling here Does a racial flying speed count as a base pace? - Pinnacle Entertainment Group Forums ( is clear that the Fleet Footed edge and Pace increases from IFs (Crazy, Juicer etc) only apply to ground Pace.

    What build value would allowing those increases to apply to a species Flight Pace be worth?
    I'm thinking of the increase applying ONLY to Flying pace (though Fleet Footed could perhaps be taken twice in this case for ground and air pace)
    Is it reasonable to say the cost of allowing this should depend on the base Flight Pace? So if Flight Pace is 6 then perhaps allowing this feature should be free as it keeps movement rate the same as a ground based character whereas a species that starts with a Flight Pace of 12 should pay some sort of premium (+1 or maybe 2 build points?) as a Crazy for example would go to a base flying pace of 24.
    If it is relevant I was looking at ideas for Arcane Mutants of Ravens (from the Tower of London) with a base Flying Pace probably of 6 but perhaps 12 but that whose base ground pace is reduced by 1 or 2.

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    IMO, I agree that letting someone take Fleet-Footed but applying it to Flight speed instead of Pace is a wash. If Flight speed is greater than 12" I'd treat it as giving +1 per 6" of Flight speed.