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Encounters in RIFTS, how?

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  • Encounters in RIFTS, how?

    Hi all,
    Well, tried posting in Savage RIFTS facebook page, but no reply so far.
    Maybe I have better luck here?

    I hope I can get some help here regarding encounters in RIFTS. At first I was convinced that you just drew a card every third day of travel and if its a jack or higher you roll on the Trouble table.
    I thought it was kinda strange not to have anything from SW encounter setting rule, but it works I thought.

    Then I saw the Journey rule in the guide. But then one is almost excluding the Trouble table and all the great encountertables.
    Are the Trouble table and all encounters solely used when generating adventures?

    What am I missing mates?

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    You have not.missed anything.. yes the Adventure making.process in the Game Masters guide is different than the travel draws from the SWADE book. And yes the trouble tables in the GMs guide and the ones that are added in the other books are for this process.

    The Journey rules in the TL manual are an alternative rules set similar to the expeditions from Rippers. It is there to represent important single missions that the travel is a big part of the adventure.

    I hope this helps.