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  • Custom Character Sheet - SWADE Rifts

    I was going to start this much sooner, but when shelter in place hit Las Vegas, suddenly my work consumed my home life and I just didn't have the energy to work and do this all from home. Now that things have relaxed I have picked this back up.

    This link is to my page 1 of my custom character sheet. Right off the bat you'll notice that Heroes Journey/Framework Abilities/Cybernetics is missing. Those will be on Page 2. I'm also making a grimoire page for your special abilities.

    Links to OneDrive and Google Drive seem to break on this forum, so i've attached the file.

    Also for a "Spells and Powers" sheet dedicated to that, would you prefer something like the previous folio design where it's lines going horizontally across the page segmented out per power, or would you like to see if something more "cards on a page" would work? The idea is you would fit most of the text from each spells descriptor in the book into a single card space on the page. This would make you have to attach quite a few of these pages as your character grows as you wouldn't be able to fit as many spells on a page. But they'd be very accessible?

    After I get a bit more feedback and once I complete a few more pages to have something usable, i'll start adding in form fillable fields.

    --Update: I have temporarily removed links to my sheet for now. I will update again later.
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    One of the things I'm already working on is thinning the lines. They are a little thick. I also used "Underscores" for the lines on the skills section. I'm removing those and using real lines like Splynncryth intended.


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      Release Notes:
      • Changed line stroke from 1.0 to 0.5.
      • Added lines to the armor elements.
      • Switched the underscores in the Skills section to be lines.


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        v.0.3 Release Notes:
        • Added the 2nd Page with Power Armor, Background, Iconic Framework Notes, Cybernetics, and Hero's Journey.
        • Added a 3rd Page for listing powers in "Card" format.


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          I have completed the first full draft of the Portfolio sheet.

          It's not form fillable yet..i'm working on that. However, on the First Page where the character portrait space is, you can click the empty space and it will prompt you to insert the image of your choice.

          There are a total of 7 pages on this sheet. Please let me know if you see any mistakes or rules bits I need to fix. The last page is taken from the GM Screen of SWADE.


          I'll post a form fillable version soon.
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            Okay, so here is a working fully Form Fillable version. I also fixed a few graphic glitches. If you see any oddities or things that stick out to your keen eyes, let me know.

            --temp removed

            The file is too big to upload to the forum (form fields are greedy on file space).
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              I just wanted to say I absolutely appreciate what you're doing here. I wonder if you could make the blue squares a separate layer, though, as they'll use up a lot of ink or toner.


              • roninjedi78
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                Editing a comment
                Let me see what I can do. I'm trying to figure out layering. Adobe changed how it works from years ago and I feel like i'm learning everything from scratch again LOL. Thanks for the feedback!