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Are character combat bonuses used when piloting Power Armor?

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  • Are character combat bonuses used when piloting Power Armor?

    I assumed they did, but the Robot Combat Ace edge specifically mentions that the pilot's combat bonuses are added when piloting the robot (I honestly thought that the bonuses were already added by default before reading that). So if the Power Armor Combat Ace DOESN'T specifically mention this, I'm now confused as to whether or not the pilot's combat bonuses will carry through. I would hope they would, and I understand that it's ultimately up to the GM, but is there an official or widely accpeted stance on player combat bonuses in power armor?

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    Power armor is armor and robot vehicles are vehicles. When considering a question like this, you have to ask "Would this ability apply when the character is wearing plate armor or a Bushman suit?" If yes, it also applies to power armor unless PA specifically excepts it. But with a robot vehicle, you have to ask that in reference to a piloting a tank. Why would a character's Block Edge apply when driving a tank? Byt the same token, why would it apply when piloting a Jaeger? Only because his Robot Combat Ace Edge says it does.


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      That's a pretty good explanation. Thanks for the response.

      I got the books just a week and a half ago, and everytime I sit down to try to work on a character I just end up coming up with questions and going off on a tangent, searching for answers to my new questions. If anyone has any good video links of gameplay showing good combat examples, let me know. Most of the videos that I've found (such as HappyJack gaming) seem to be mainly narrative play and role-play conversations. I'm still looking for something that shows a lot of actual dice-rolling gameplay to get a decent feel for the system. Rate of fire and multi-actions still confuses the bejeezus out of me.


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        Rate of fire works identically to the frenzy edge, which itself works like extra attacks in D&D (if you’re familiar): the action used for the attack allows for multiple attacks which can be targeted and are resolved separately.
        Example: i use one action to fire a RoF 3 weapon at one target, i roll to hit 3 times due to RoF 3. All 3 attacks land so i roll damage for each attack separately, resulting in 2 shaken results which leaves the enemy wounded once.

        Multi-actions just means that you can declare up to 3 options that would take an action to do, like casting a spell, testing, or attacking. for each action declared beyond the first, you take a stacking -2 penalty to all actions taken that turn.
        Example: I decide to test and attack a target on my turn, resulting in a -2 to both my test roll and my attack roll. My test succeeds but my attack misses.

        Hope that helps!