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Laser weapons and Shots....

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  • Laser weapons and Shots....

    Okay, this is probably a very stupid question, but I need to know if I've been handling this wrong or not....

    Some laser rifles have a RoF of greater than 1. I had assumed that for these weapons, RoF greater than 1 was handled like missiles, where each RoF used equaled the number of shots used. Looking more closely, I don't actually see that disclaimer for laser weapons, and I'm not sure where I might have seen it mentioned, if it ever was.

    So....a Dead Boy fires a laser rifle with RoF 3, at a RoF of 3. Does the attack use up 3 shots, or 10?

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    The Deadboy will use 10 shots shooting at RoF 3. Lasers follow the standard ammo rules. IIRC, the only new class of ranged weapon that ignores the extra ammo used at higher RoF are railguns. That is why spare E-Clips can be a big deal in Rifts. A high RofF will burn through a single E-Clip quickly. A RoF 3 and 20 shot clip is burned up in two actions, leaving that third for reloading.


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      Thanks for the clarification. Good thing I hadn't run any sessions yet. Those Dead Boys would have really been a pain in the neck for the players. I have no idea why I thought their RoF followed the other rules.

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      Note: While not relevant to the base versions presented, vehicular missile launchers also have an ROF=shots rule. This becomes important for specific vehicles and PA suits and for Edges like Rapid Fire.