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Latest News: Coalition Book and Archetypes set 2?

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  • Latest News: Coalition Book and Archetypes set 2?

    (I was not sure where this went)

    Anyone know where the latest news is on the new 32 page Coalition Book and Archetypes set 2? Or even if they're even going to do an Archetypes set 2?

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    I am pretty sure Sean said recently that a Coalition Field Manual was in the works but as to when it's still an open question. I imagine he's working against some deadlines for the Atlantis book that's taking priority if I had to guess.


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      PEG tends towards not announcing expected time frames until they are ready for customer input. So for beta testing on some, or about to release on others. This is the better method in my opinion, but it is understandable to find the quiet frustrating. We might receive teasers now and then, but with the length of development it might be awhile before we a hear of the release date.