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The economy of artificing

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  • The economy of artificing

    With the edges of the A&M (p.30); Minor and Major items creations, it seems necessary to establish the worth of some items on the market. Either the characters are going to try to pawn those, buy some or at least establish a value for how they are going to separate the spoils of war.

    I could not find list prices for minor or major items in the books, if I missed them, please let me know! Otherwise, here is what I tried to come-up with:

    Some assumptions (I have been using these to figure prices .. there are not optimized or assumed to be what a PC would do).
    • An average Seasoned Artificer would ask around 2 000 credits a day, he would have a lower skill of d6 in either occult or arcane (assuming minimum of d8 in repair).
    • An average Veteran Artificer would ask around 10 000 credits a day, he would have a lower skill of d8 in either occult or arcane (assuming minimum of d10 in repair).
    • An average Legendary Artificer would ask around 25 000 credits a day, he would have a lower skill of d10 in either occult, repair or arcane.
    • (the fixed costs for a laboratory and normal expenses are included).
    • Either of those could work on a Ley line and thus get (Tomorrow Legion Player's guide, p. 124) additional PPEs. However, both Seasoned and Veteran need very lucky rolls to anything so it does not seem to affect the outcome in a noticeable manner for price purposes. Legendary Artificers would most likely get a +1 to their roll getting the average of 10 PPE.
    • These artificers are not wildcards.
    Basic prices Calculation

    Minor Item Creation

    Average time is 2.5 days per attempt for minor items, 10000 credit per attempt.
    A seasoned artificer would succeed ⅙ of attempts, a veteran ⅜, and a Legendary ⅗.
    On average, the seasoned would need 6 attempts before successfully creating a Minor Item, 15 days of work and at least 60 000 of material for about 90 000 credits.
    For the veteran that is 6.66 days of work and 26 667 credit of material for 93334 credits.
    For the Legendary, that is about 4.1667 days of work and 16 667 of material for 120 835 credits.

    So, a basic PPE battery of 5 points could be worth 90 000.

    Major Items

    The possible basic combinations are (Major Upgrades appearing compatible with an item):
    Minor Upgrade + Power: 50 000 credits, average 21 days of work.
    Minor Upgrade + Edge: 60 000 credits, average 24.5 days of work
    Minor Upgrade + 1d trait: 30 000, average 14 days of work
    Minor Upgrade + 10 PPE: 70 000, average 28 days of work.
    A veteran would succeed ⅛ attempts and a Legendary would succeed ⅖ of attempts.
    On average, the veteran would need 8 attempts before successfully creating a Major item Item, at the lowest cost (Minor Upgrade + 1d trait) that is 112 days of work and at least 240 000 of material for about 1 360 000 credits.

    For the Legendary, this is 35 days and 75 000 of material for a total of 950 000 credits.

    For the highest cost (Minor Upgrade + 10 PPE), the veteran’s total is 1 680 000 and for the Legendary 1 050 000 credits. (So in that example, the legendary artificer would cost less than the veteran because he screws-up less often, even if paid more than twice)

    Artifacts would look like this:

    3 minors Upgrades and a power, a power modifier and an edge: 160 000 credits, 59.5 days, a legendary artificer would succeed ⅕ times, thus would cost about 2 287 500 credits.

    1. Are any assumptions really off?
    2. Should I raise the per day cost of the artificers, specifically the legendary, would 50 000 a day be logical? Should I lower the seasoned and veteran instead?
    3. Should we include some kind of markup? If you go to the local store, would it be expected to have about a 40% (that is about the retail average) markup?
    4. I’m also assuming getting a raise (basically doubling the numbers of upgrades) would at least double the price of Minor and Major Items, Artifacts having a raise would be about 50% more expensive. Seems logical?
    5. Where should we make allowances for these being manufactured in quantities? I would assume that PPE batteries would be in high demand and relatively easy to obtain, especially as Minor Items.
    6. Should actual market demand be considered also? .. while a magical sword having a minor upgrade is fine (+2 AP for example) .. it just does not compare to even the most basic vibroblade sword and is disproportionately expensive.