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  • Triax Pump Weapons

    I have overlooked these weapons since the update but I was just checking on them again and I noticed the note about how they prevent regeneration and before I go bothering Sean I just thought I would see how the hive mind are interpreting these to work?

    - Is it simply negating the regeneration racial ability of the target, including regeneration created by implants such as MOM and Juicers?
    - Do you then just allow wounds to heal at the normal rate?
    - Or are you interpreting it as wounds don't heal unless some specific intervention such as IRMSS or the Heal power?

    -Also how do you interpret this versus vulnerabilities and Immunities? For example, the Wild Vampire. Normally it would just start regenerating the wounds each round even if you have technically "killed it". Unless you use silver or wood. Do you prevent it doing that once per round regeneration because of the pump weapon even if it isn't the right material?

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    To me the wording is clear. It says it prevents regeneration but it does not say it prevents healing. From a hard science point of view this is odd. You would think that the radioactive slug would have to be removed or it would eventually kill you regardless but I would guess that the slug removal is assumed to be part of the healing process.

    As to the vampire scenario I'd say specific immunities/vulnerabilities override the general rule though that's ultimately up to the GM to adjudicate. That's been pretty consistent viewpoint for Savage Worlds especially in SWADE. They can't really stop and say this weapon does something special except in cases of A, B, C, D, etc... They would run out of pages.


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      The intent from the source material of the special ammo for pump weapons is precisely for the scenarios like vampires and other supernatural regeneration, which would include the SR Crazy's ability. However, because the Juicer adaptation also grants Slow Regeneration, a RAW reading says it gets caught, too. However, the same RAW read means IRMSS nanobots aren't prevented from doing their work (either the Gear or the Juicer's 3-shot system) as they grant a Healing roll without defining it as Regeneration. That works for me. I'd further suggest it's possible, perhaps with a Raise, that the IRMSS expels the U-round from the creature's body, but this would be a house rule to cover unspecified situations.

      As for additional damage, especially to squishies, from carrying around a highly radioactive slug in their bodies (or even the effect on unshielded users and allies from unfired rounds), that kind of gets glossed over in the source, too.

      And remember that U-rounds are not the default shaped charges pump weapons normally fire. As noted, they are triple cost (600 CR/round, almost 10k to reload a TX-16) and banned in the CS. The last part implies at least a -3 or -4 rarity and, as they are essentially grenades, I'd use the same d4+2 for the number available.