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Psi Goblin PC race?

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  • Psi Goblin PC race?

    Any tips on how to make the Psi Goblin a playable race. I’ve always wanted to play one in the source material but didn’t want to be restricted to just the race’s default abilities. Mainly I don’t know how to price the “shadow meld” ability or is do it myself. That and I just thought of it on the way to work so it’ll have to wait until later. Thanks!

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    Someone did a take on them as a race at https://thefreekingdomsavagerifts120...kis/psi-goblin -- though that's for Savage Rifts 1E and includes too much bonus ISP for a race IMO (it should cap at +5 like for the D'Norr).

    To answer your question, I'd say the Shadow Meld ability would be: +4 to Stealth (4 points), Limitation: Only in Shadows (-1 point), for a total of 3 racial points. To avoid abuse, I would add "Does not stack with any other Stealth bonuses (e.g., Thief or Woodsman)" because +4 is already really potent.

    The big challenge is that they have a lot of great positive abilities which will need to be balanced with negative ones, but without making them unplayable as "good guy" PCs. If you add all of those Hindrances, they're pretty awful people.
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      My take, based on the version in A&M and the original in Psyscape:

      * Attributes: Strength d6, Vigor d6 [4]
      * Shadow Meld: +4 Stealth, only in shadows, doesn't stack with other bonuses [3]
      * Psi: AB (Psionics) with bolt, detect/conceal arcana, and protection [2]
      * Regeneration: Daily, can heal injuries [3]
      * Low Light Vision [1]
      TOTAL 13

      * Squat: Size -1 and thus Toughness -1. [-1]
      * Hated D-Bee: Major D-Bee and Bad Reputation [-3]
      * Ugly (Major): -2 to Persuasion [-2]
      * Inhuman Physiology: -1 to Healing/cyber checks on them (same as for dwarfs, elves, etc.) [-1]
      * Hindrances: Greedy (minor), Jealous (major), and Quirk (Cruel) [-4]
      TOTAL -11

      I couldn't figure out a way to get 'em down to 2 racial points without including all of the "evil" mental Hindrances. They aren't cyber-resistant and definitely can learn magic. It might be justifiable to increase Inhuman Physiology by a level, but definitely no more than that (and personally, I wouldn't). I guess you could reduce the attribute bonuses, but really psi-goblins should have even higher ones to fit the fiction (at least Agility d6, but I prioritized Str/Vig to fit the description).

      My only thought would be to delete Shadow Meld completely and replace one of their powers with Invisibility. That'd save 3 points, though it also means the PC racial build would differ significantly from the NPC build.

      Either way, this is a pretty troublesome race that also has huge social penalties. My concern is that it'd be pretty disruptive in a game. (And yes, I know some of the canonical races are just as bad.)
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        I just always thought it’d be fun to be one that’s trying to be nice. Like he doesn’t see torture as bad, it’s just how it goes and the group has to remind him not to do these horrible things and he’s trying, he really is, but his default decision making is pretty awful and cruel. Kind of like the reformed demon from the China World Book.

        Also, I much prefer your version to the one you linked to. I could see an argument for no cyber because of the source pretty much making anybody with limb regen being cyber incompatible, but the rest of the build seems kind of all over the place. Yours is much more streamlined and true to the material. Granted the other guy didn’t have Arcana and Mysticism to thumb through as a reference either. Anyways, thanks for the build and for the -3 on the shadowmeld.
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