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Super Nexus Point - Gateway Arch & Solar Eclipse

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  • Super Nexus Point - Gateway Arch & Solar Eclipse

    Played a game last night where the characters were tapping a Ley Line. I was talking to one of the players about how in Palladium Rifts, there were special circumstances where the ley lines would grant additional power.

    So, I went to the PR rulebook and saw that increased energy occurs on nexus points and also during partial solar eclipses.

    In less than two weeks, there will be a total solar eclipse that ALMOST touches the super nexus point at the Gateway Arch in St Louis (which is actually a permanently open rift.)

    This would make a great adventure hook as you know something big would happen there during the eclipse.

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    Another fun fact!

    I can't remember in which Palladium book it appears, but during a total solar eclipse, a giant rift appears in the sky and vomits out monsters.

    That's a recipe for good times.
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      Good times had by all...i mean how could it not be a festive and joyous time when it starts legitimately raining demons...