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  • Cyberkinghts

    Is there an in-depth section in Savage Rifts about the cyberknights?

    If not, what's the source book from Palladium that looks at this?

    Or, should I create my own version of how they're organized, trained, etc.? This is probably the most common way to set them up, but I'd sure like to borrow stuff if I can - makes it a little easier!

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    siege on tolkeen book four is all about the cyberknights


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      Yeah, what Kellary said. SOT4:CK was also the book that changed Cyber-Knights from "mediocre medieval fighters with some psi" to "technology-battling psychic warriors." Though it's kind of striking how much SR changed Cyber-Knights compared to PR (for example, in PR their psi-swords were actually weak compared to the Mind Melter's, who doesn't even get a psi-sword by default in SR, and their armor was permanently fused to their body), so there might be some subtle changes in other aspects as well. As such, I'd definitely compare anything you read in SOT4:CK to what's written in the TLPG, to make sure it wasn't changed.


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        OK, I found SOT4:CK on Drive Thru RPG - I'll be getting a copy later this week after payday.

        Thanks for the help!