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Five most useful magic powers for a thief?

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  • Five most useful magic powers for a thief?

    I am trying to pick the five most useful magic powers (from the line walker list) for a conman/thief.

    He is really about conning people and getting away wit the money, not about direct combat. But this is Rifts.

    3 of them can be from any rank. But two of them must be Novice or Seasoned.

    I am thinking the following, but suggestions of better picks would be welcomed:

    Original powers
    1. Boost/Lower Trait
    2. Intangibility
    3. Teleport
    New Powers;
    1. Illusion
    2. Elemental Manipulation

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    Invisibility always helps a thief.
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    • Ndreare
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      Which power would you give up to make room for it?

    • pkitty
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      Elemental Manipulation. It's useful, but not nearly as useful as Invisibility.

    • Ndreare
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      In Our Hangout Freemage made the same suggestion

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    Agree with Invisibility, but I don't think you need both Teleport and Intangibility. I would recommend you sub Telekinesis in for one of those. The utility of Telekinesis with some creativity can't be matched.


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      Environmental Protection is underestimated. Even a vault protected by a layer of lava can be breached if the thief is fast enough...or in the vaccum of space...or in a pool of acid...