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How does Entangle affect Teleport at will?

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  • How does Entangle affect Teleport at will?

    If an NPC has teleport at will (Dragon ability) and someone uses entangle on them (trapped as TK bonds) would the psionic restraints be able to stop the teleporting?

    Would it be a roll off, or would the ability of one or the other be absolute?

    Note: I am the GM, so ask the GM will not help. I am inclined to say he can use his Spirit in place of Athletics to escape. But am looking for other opinions.

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    I think it depends on the Trappings of the bonds. Just like he wouldn't teleport out of his clothes, anything physical that restrains him will be teleported with him. Might be useful, but the end result is he's still bounded. Anything intangible like strands of force, magical energy must be escaped with spirit like you said and unteleportable mundane stuff like a collapsed building or another character arr just minor annoyances and can be escaped freely