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  • Glitter Boy Legacy Roll Table

    Here's an idea I had: To create a unique table that a Glitter Boy pilot can roll on. This Table roll is included within the framework. I'd love some thoughts or feedback:

    • Legacy Armor: Glitter Boy pilots could probably trace their “generational line” to before the Great Cataclysm, their iconic suit handed down through the ages. Previous owners have made modifications, increasing the effectiveness of the suit. Roll once on the following table and add the bonuses to the power armor:
    D20 Upgrade Result
    1 – 5 Secondary Weapon: You start with a single "sidearm" for when massive overkill is a bad idea. Choose either a Mod 1 vehicular weapon adapted for handheld use, or a Giant Vibro Sword. You may not sell it back during character creation. (Thanks pkitty for this idea from your houserules!)
    6 Heavy Plating: Someone wanted to ensure that their suit could survive anything the battlefield threw at it. Add +2 Armor.
    7 Diagnostics Complement: Your Glitter Boy has embedded software which assists the technician in repair. Add +1 to all Repair rolls and reduce the required repair time by half when the system is engaged.
    8 Optimized Main Gun: Your RG-14 has integrated predictive fire systems and/or optimized fire controls. Add +1 to Shooting (+2 total) and +1 to damage.
    9 Reinforced Frame: Your armor was built to protect you from the deadliest assaults. Add +1 Toughness.
    10 Demon Slayer: Someone was keen on fighting the supernatural with their G-10. Silver-plated claws or spikes allow you to damage vampires and other affected creatures with Melee attacks, and a modified forearm design adds +1 to Parry.
    11 – 12 Legendary: A unique cosmetic feature identifies your Glitter Boy above all others. A particularly incredible history associated with your suit gives your character an additional +1 to social checks.
    13 Upgraded Hydraulics: Specially enhanced locomotors add +1 to Strength and +2 to ground Pace (increase to 65 MPH).
    14 - 15 Expeditionary Upgrades: A previous owner spent a lot of time on the road. Your suit comes with a Signal Booster (EoH pg. 51) and a more luxurious interior, granting +1 to all Vigor checks.
    16 Integrated Psi Damper: Your suit has a built-in Psi-Damper (EoH pg. 54) to prevent a psionicist from ruining your day.
    17 - 18 Spare Parts and Switches: You begin with enough spare parts to affect a Serious repair. Additionally, ergonomic controls grant a +1 to all Piloting checks.
    19 – 20 Choose One upgrade of choice.
    I was thinking about allowing an additional roll on the table, balanced with a negative table roll... of which I would need to create as well.

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    Looks fun. I ahhh might steal/barrow that for my house rules.


    • Akerbakk
      Akerbakk commented
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      Let me know how it works at your table!

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    I was thinking of setting.similar that added the other glitter boy suits, like the T-550. But I will.probably



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      I'm glad you liked my house rule and conversely I really like this table!

      I don't have any feedback or issues, so I'll run this by my group to see if they're down; if so I'm stealing it.

      EDIT: Stolen!
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        Honestly, these seem about balanced with the gear HJ tables, just allow them to roll on this instead of one of those tables and you're golden. No extra negatives needed.


        • Akerbakk
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          Yes. I gave it some thought this week and agree that giving a glitter boy pilot one free roll on this table as part of their framework is good. Any additional rolls will just be swapped one for one from their Heroic Journey rolls.

        • mikelamroni
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          I literally meant give them the option of using it for their HJ rolls. giving them an extra roll changes the balance unless you're doing something similar for everyone else. Though if you gave GB's this, you could just add a HJ roll to everyone else and call it good.