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    I figured this would be really complex, but once I started pulling numbers apart it wasn't too different from last edition!
    Obviously I'm far from an authority on the matter -- GMs, feel free to adjust as needed.

    Iconic Framework: Custom Character
    (requires the Super Power Companion—I'm not copying the whole system here. "Power Points" mean something different in that context than usual.)

    Maybe you're a creature of magic. Perhaps you're an inhuman alien. Or maybe you're human from a world where mutation or happenstance granted you incredible powers. Or perhaps your homeworld featured magic or psionics that doesn't follow the same rules as on RIFTS Earth. In any case, you have natural powers beyond most humans, that can't be accounted for by Arcane Backgrounds and other Edges.

    Character Points: You have 33.5 character points to spend (see below)

    Hero's Journey: You get two rolls on any Hero's Journey table that makes sense. If it makes sense for your concept, you can add more or trade them away for 1.5 character points each.

    Adaptability: As normal, you gain the benefits of a single race, or can opt to take a bonus Edge like a human. +2 CP if you don't get a race.

    Character Points
    You can spend your character points as follows:
    1 CP buys a skill at d4 or raises it one die type.
    2 CP raises an attribute one die type.
    You can trade your starting 15 SP and 5 AP in for points at the same rate.
    CP may be spent for racial abilities or gained from negative ones.
    2 CP buys an Edge, but you can't buy more than two non-Novice Edges.
    CP can be spent as "Power Points" for abilities from the Super Powers Companion. Your Power Limit is 13. Negative modifiers do not reduce a power's cost for the purpose of Power Limit (PL).

    If you took a non-human race, you must still obey total stacking limits for positive/negative racial abilities between your race and Super Powers.

    Your race (if applicable) and custom framework can't gain more than +5 points from flaws.

    That extra .5 CP can be used with HJ rolls or combined with an intermediate level of a Hindrance or racial ability (Like the Combat Cyborg's version of non-human physiology.)

    Discounted Powers
    RIFTS Earth is full of powerful supernatural creatures. Some abilities just aren't special, so you shouldn't have to spend many power points on them. Besides, the squishies can learn magic or get in a giant robot if they want to keep up with you.

    You can trade CP for 5x as many Discount Points. (DP)

    Discount Points can only be spent on the Size racial ability, or the following abilities from the Super Powers Companion: Armor, Attack (Ranged or Melee), and Super Attribute (Strength, no modifiers.)

    Your starting Size is tentatively limited to 6. If you're bigger than Size 2 or so you should have a way to change size, lest you cause Doorway Paralysis. Advancement:

    Special Advance options:
    Super Power Points (Limit once per Rank)
    Gain (5 + rank) CP. (Novice is Rank 1)

    Mightier (Veteran Advance, can be taken once)
    Your PL increases by 2, your size limit increases by 1, and you gain +7 DP.

    Mightiest (Heroic Advance, can be taken once)
    Your PL increases by 2, your size limit increases by 1, and you gain +2 CP and 16 more DP. Attack may exceed PL by 6.

    Work with your GM to come up with logical extensions to your powers suitable to take as Advances. Look to the Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling for examples.
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