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Arcane Background Gifted limited to 3 sources?

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  • Arcane Background Gifted limited to 3 sources?

    So it looks like Arcane background gifted can only be had 3 ways.

    Arcana and Mysticism Elemental Fusionist = included in framework A&M page 13

    Blood & Banes Mutant Animals = sidebar on page 118 semi-restricted

    Heroes of Humanity Construct = Transferred intelligence page 11 (This one is not explicit, instead only implied deduction based on Artificial Intelligence specifically saying it cannot be taken, and the ability to buy edges.)

    Am I missing any, how do I make a super hero without Gifted?

    To me this is not a big deal as I do not see it as being as needed as PPE and ISP options. But I am curious if it was deliberate to leave it as an option for the Constructs or if it is intended to not be available for them?

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    Well the AB Gifted entry in TLPG says only when explicitly referenced. Not sure an implied reference counts for Constructs.

    Human Mutants can use AB Gifted. Blood and Banes pg 118.


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      I will have to ask once we get FAQ again.