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Ideas for WEIRD SCIENCE trappings

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  • Ideas for WEIRD SCIENCE trappings

    A thread to post ideas for the WS AB. I, myself am focused on trappings for Borgs and Grackleteeth who previously had no AB options. It isn't limited to them however. feel free to share and discuss cool trappings for whatever type of Weirdo Scientist you care to.

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    WEIRD SALVAGE. This WS. trapping revolves around re-purposing broken robots and Cybernetic organisms. Donor sources for the trappings are mostly MECHANOIDS, Skellibots and a occasional A3 Bottweiller. The characters "Extra set of arms" are Up-cycled Skellebot arms with tools replacing the vibro sabers.


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      The druids and herbalists of the British Isles are a perfect fit for the Weird Science AB, since they project their magic through potions and talismans.
      You're rational, sir. It's only us crazy people who get to swap out realities on a whim.


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        In Rifts they have designated Weird Science as a non-magic Super Science AB. At this time they haven't expanded beyond that much but alchemy would be more of a AB(Magic) + Item Creation from the Arcana & Mysticism book.

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        Having done a Scathach Druid as Weird Science in 1.0, I have to agree, I am happy they have options for non-TW item creation using AB Magic so my druids can get back to doing magic.

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      Mr. Slizzards psychotropic nanite cultures. Weird Science in the burbs can wear quite a few hats. Working a free clinic in the burbs can require a few heads. This trapping is for "inject-able" Powers. Boosts/drains Speed/sloth. Part time Body Fixer, Full time Psychonaut. Not all expansions of conciseness come with a ISP cost.
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        Replacement Weapons Chips: Many Power Armor and Vehicle Weapons use Weapons chips that can be removed when you enter a civilized place. This are placed in storage so you can continue to bring your power armor into town, but have your heavy weapons shut off. A Weird Scientist can utilize this to modify vehicle or powerful weapons to allow for the application of weapon enhancements (smite, stun, blast, bolt, etc) using the existing weapon. The weapon can be used as normal, of course. The issue becomes that "recharging" it requires removing it and replacing components on the chip, requiring a Repair roll and exterior access to the suit.