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  • Savage Rifts Organized Play (SROP?)

    PEGRoberson mentioned wanting to discuss a public campaign / gaming league events (usually known as Organized Play) here:

    So, that's what this thread is for - brainstorming ideas.

    For OP to truly be successful, it needs a few things from an organization / admin perspective:
    • Dynamic Table - OP needs to allow for players to slot in and out on a game to game basis.
      • Pathfinder Society and D&D Adventurer League do this with modules designed to be played in ~4 hours and having meta data tracked per character, rather than per group.
      • A central adventuring paradigm assists this greatly (PFS uses the eponymous Pathfinder Society; The Tomorrow Legion seems tailored made for this role).
    • Player Buy-In - OP needs to provide the players with an established menu of long term goals for their characters
      • PFS does this by tracking standing with their chosen faction and providing sub-goals within the modules based on the faction
    • Easy update and tracking - Running an OP module shouldn't be much more involved than running a regular game. Similarly,. setting up a character for OP and being able to view their progress needs to be easy.
      • PFS uses an ID for each player and each character (with associations). GMs record the module, results, and player IDs. Players / GMs can view character progress on a website.
    Beyond that, the actual "story" of the campaign needs to be fleshed out and game results need to be able to impact the overall "living" campaign.

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    A few idea off the top of my head, based on the current time line:
    • Minion War
      • This is a current storyline on-going in Palladium Rifts, and ripe for use as campaign material. The downside is that because it's an active story, it's less likely that Palladium will allow games to affect the story outcome. It would definitely need a lot of investment by Kevin.
    • Building a Better Tomorrow (Legion)
      • Campaign centers around building allies for the Legion and improving Castle Refuge and surround areas. More open-ended, and less likely to step on toes. Less inherent punch, but it'd be easy enough to add a more engaging undercurrent.
    • The Enemy of my Enemy
      • Campaign centers around the overall conflict between the CS, Federation, A.R.C.H.I.E. III, and the Republicans
    • Legion SG-1
      • A not so subtle homage to Stargate SG-1. This campaign would center around a special section of the Tomorrow Legion who studies and explores Rifts. A mix of Star Gate and Sliders.
    If going with a PFS-esque approach, factions are fairly straight forward: CS, Fed, Archie, Republicans, Houstown, etc.

    Standing rewards could be free Edges granting various boons, and possibly hindrances based on inter-faction relations.


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      I have been toying around with an idea like this making the missions from the Voice of Hope into produced adventures. Thinking the Voice of Hope Mission network, like your Building a Better Tomorrow type idea.I was thinking of templating it off of the Legends of the Galaxy Organized play for FFG Star Wars.



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        There is also the Savage Rifts Living Campaign Club in California that is running Savage Rifts adventures in 100 PA. And Savage that runs play by post.



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          Salcor - could we get details on the SRLC in CA? I imagine they've already done a ton of work that might be a good starting point (with credit, of course).


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          There is a lot you can do with stuff like the minion war that can have a major impact and still never fully stop the threat. Just springing some slaves and taking down one pillar of a Demon pit can set the demons back months, if not years. And that's not counting them setting up additional Hell Pits.

          All of the others have promise. The nice thing about a living campaign is you can have different themes and goals for different seasons too. I like the idea of Beacon being part of how you get a mission though.

          As one of the people involved with we would definitely do our best to support events. We could potentially run a few sanctioned events as one shots - but our adventures span 3 months as a general rule. But we could potentially run some via Roll20 as well.


          • McSquizzy
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            Oh absolutely, there's plenty that can be done, just nothing that permanently affects the story line (without a lot of buy in from PB), which was something I like seeing in RPG OPs. That was what my caveat was for, not the general setting.

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          Left for reference, but please ignore as an actual suggestion (I wish there was a strike-through BBCode available on this forum). There's too much baggage involved to use in a public facing product.

          Another campaign option might be a Band of Brothers style game focused on the Coalition. There's a lot of darker themes that could be explored, but might not be appropriate for a more public consumption option. However, a general military style campaign might be interesting, and could highlight how things are a little different on the front lines than maybe it looks like from Chi Town, particularly for troops who are "trying to do the right thing".
          Last edited by McSquizzy; 10-14-2019, 08:27 PM. Reason: Clarifying that this suggestion has been removed as a contender, but left for posterity.


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            Eh, in hindsight, there's just too much restriction required for this kind of game. I'll leave it here because it might spark someone's imagination, but I don't think it's a good idea for an OP module, especially not early on.

          • Ndreare
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            I know myself and almost all my RL friends would have no interest in playing Nazis. This would not be a very well recieved approach in most gaming communities.

            Working against them is one thing, but not for them.

          • McSquizzy
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            Yeah, like I said, too many restrictions and not enough general appeal. The struggle to be a good person in a bad place can be a compelling story, but it's not for everyone or even most.

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          What Does OP Look Like?

          I think one aspect was mentioned by mikelamroni - Seasons. Depending on how often you want to update, a Season could be a year, six months, four months, etc. Most established OP options run on the idea of a Season being 3-4 months. Each Season generally has a theme - Exploration, Demons, Intrigue, etc.

          What's In A Season?

          A Season generally has a sequence of modules intended to challenge the players and unfold a story plot based on the theme of the Season.

          One thing to consider when developing Seasons is character advancement speed. As an example, PFS generally has 3 modules per level, requiring 60 modules to get a character to level cap. Savage Worlds does not have levels, but it does have Advancements.

          An option might be to re-introduce the XP mechanic from SWD and tweak the XP cost per Advancement. If we borrow the PFS model of 3 games per "level", it works out to about 48 games to hit Legendary. I would not suggest keeping it at 5 / Advance as that will become a barrier for players and there will be less interest.

          With 3 XP per Advance, we could then leverage Plot Point Campaigns as the primary focus of a Season, while also providing a handful of Savage Tales per Season to fill in the gaps.

          Goals: A Season might have its own goals, which could be anything from territory control to Legion reputation within the region. These are meta-stats tied to the Season and are used to track the overall status of the campaign across all players and games. If 75 out of 100 recorded games ended with Houstown allied with the Legion (an example for illustration purposes only), then Houstown is recorded as allied with the Legion on the Campaign tracker, and might affect future OP products.

          Prize Support

          Prize Support is not strictly necessary for an OP set up, but it does engender more interest. Easy options might be custom bennies, status tokens, dice, etc. Higher end options might be SR themed binders for characters or other merch.


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            So far my input has mostly revolved around essentially leveraging the Pathfinder Society OP model, as that's what I'm most familiar with. That's only one option, though, and I'd love to see what others are out there. For example, Salcor mentioned "Legends of the Galaxy" - how does that work?

            So, please, any input is appreciated, whether mechanical (incorporating territory allegiance, for example) or more focused on the kinds of campaigns that would work well for Savage Rifts Organized Play. I think having a well done OP framework will be a boon to bringing in new players, and is a topic I have a lot of interest in - I'm hoping I'm not the only one.