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  • Pistoleer edge suggestion

    Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8, Shooting d8, Fighting d6
    A true pistoleer is never at a disadvantage when his gun is in his hand. When armed with a pistol and in melee they may fire out of it without becoming vulnerable. They may also attack using their pistol when making a free attack. This includes any from the Counter Attack and Free Strike edge trees.
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    Seems like a useful Edge. The wording is strange in places, and the intended effects are unclear in their vaguary. Might I suggest:

    Seasoned, Agility d8, Shooting d8, Fighting d6
    *Flavor text.*
    When attacking a non-adjacent target while in melee, you do not become Vulnerable. Additionally, whenever you are allowed a Free Attack (such as from Counterattack, First Strike, or when a foe withdraws from melee) you may make a Shooting roll with a pistol as that Free Attack.

    Since the two benefits are pretty circumstantial, I would also include that the character no longer subtracts 2 from rolls when using a pistol as an Improvised Weapon. I think that rounds out the "pistol expert" vibe.


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      That does read better, I would add instead of a melee weapon after with a pistol so no one thinks you get to do both if they're sporting both. And I like the no improvised weapon thing too.


      • Deskepticon
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        Couple things:
        You only get one attack per Free Attack, so I don't really see how that can be interpretted as getting two. It specifies, "as that Free Attack", which means to the exclusion of any other.

        Also, saying "instead of a melee weapon" is a bit erroneous since you could always attack with the pistol as an Improvised Weapon (this is where the penalty reduction helps)... it would also be redundant because specifying "make a Shooting roll" necessarily precludes melee weapons.

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      Hmph... just learned something new! Reading the SWADE entry for Free Attacks, the rule already allows pistols to be used. That removes half of the utility of the proposed Edge. Wondering what can be done to replace it...

      Maybe ignoring the Innocent Bystander rule when shooting into melee?


      • Radecliffe
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        Where's the fun in that?

      • Deskepticon
        Deskepticon commented
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        Radecliffe If shooting your friends in the face is your idea of fun...

        But for an Edge that says, "I'm a pistol expert," being able to avoid hitting your buddy when your target is tussing with him can be pretty cool.