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Looking for Mount: suitable mount for a Fennodi Cowboy

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  • Looking for Mount: suitable mount for a Fennodi Cowboy

    I am trying to come out with an exotic mount for a Fennodi Cowboy that also has the intangibility power. My understanding is that the Fennodi ability only works on them personally. Can someone with more knowledge than me of classic Rifts point out a Rifts source book that would list one or more possible creatures that were actually big enough to ride and would have a power similar to intangibility that I could use as a source to convert? I don't have access to the new Rifts Bestiary volumes yet (I think only the first one is out), but even something in those books would be suitable for me.

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    As I was searching for an answer to your query, I opened Rifts Conversion Book, which is a book made to incorporate characters and creatures and concepts from all over the Palladium universe into Rifts. In it, there are several creatures that have psionics, but they are intelligent creatures, eligible for being unorthodox player characters. An example would be the Emirin, which is a giant intelligent cat with Mind Melter level psionic. So, while it doesn't have innate intangibility like the Fennodi, it does have access to the intangibility spell, which is how the Fennodi's innate ability is handled Savage Rifts anyway.

    But then it hit me that all the contents of that book are just conversions from the greater universe and even other dimensions, so nothing's stopping you from finding the mount you want from any other Savage Worlds setting (or any other game setting, for that matter). Heck you could just create the mount you want from scratch.

    The whole idea of Rifts Earth is that ANYTHING could come through a rift at any time. It sounds like obtaining this mount could be the hook for a great story arc. One could even liken it to the classic D&D paladin's warhorse quest.
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      Thanks. I like the quest idea. I wouldn't mind something that was already a well-known part of classic Rifts, but you have given me food for thought on a few angles to take.


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        I love challenges like this. Since I haven't been able to find anything with intangibility akin to a Fennondi's I expanded my search to creatures which could be mounted and which have psionics or magic powers. There are actually some Metzla from Rifts World Book 2: Atlantis who would be sweet mounts, if you could convince them to let you ride them. The Murvolva Metzla looks like a saddle with tentacles and a couple of ion cannons. Its 8-10 feet tall and about 10 feet long. Its alignment can be any but they are usually quite evil. It would be cool to somehow get a young one and have to go through the growing pains and a little bit of rebellion as the Fennodi tries to keep it peaceful, if not good. A non-evil outcast who is about to be killed by its evil brethren would be an alternate plot hook and its sense of gratitude would gladly accept its savior as a rider. They are master psionics, amphibious, and have a natural camouflage ability (which works best underwater). Just an example.

        Another thing that you might want to consider is to have your Fenpodi contact a Techno-wizard to make something that grants the intangible spell to your mount. Since all Fenpodi have Arcane Background (Psionics) and since TW devices can be activated with ISP as well as PPE, it seems a natural fit. With this, your character can use it on whatever mount he or she is riding. So it could be anything that a mount could wear.

        There is also the Blood Lizard, which is a semi-intelligent 10 foot velociraptor. (World Book 9: South America: 2) They are exclusively ridden by Blood Riders, but since they are from South America, perhaps one got rifted, captured or otherwise found its way to North America. They form a powerful psychic bond with their riders, so since your Fennodi is a psychic, it could work. Unfortunately, while Blood Lizards are considered Master Psionics themselves, they are unable to learn or cast spells other than their natural psychic abilities. But it would be able to operate its own TW items. So if you give it a TW device with Intangibility, and since you have a psychic bond with it, you could mentally coordinate with it to go intangible together without having to speak and give away your cover.

        I'm going to stop here before I lose the rest of my night. I think this is why I play RPG, and Rifts especially; because once I get my imagination going, I can't stop.