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Introduction to the world of Rifts Video?

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  • Introduction to the world of Rifts Video?

    Does anyone know of a good "What is RIFTs?" Video? I'm struggling to find anything of quality on Youtube.

    The Savage Rifts kickstarter teaser is the best thing I've found so far, but it's fairly brief.

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    Radio Free Merctown accessible on has a ton of audio podcasts and stuff available.


    • Ndreare
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      Got the link for the podcast

      The Audiobook styled story is amazing. And lately (last 10 episodes or so) they have been covering various areas of rifts earth.

      Also parent website.

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      Here is a comment guide by episode of the podcast for reference.

      Educating Savages--Rifts Lore (covered)

      Australia (#9)

      Arzno (#19)

      Dinosaur Swamp (#20)

      The Colorado Baronies (#27)

      The Western Preserves (#28)

      The Vampire Kingdoms (#29)

      The Three Galaxies/Phase World setting (#29, #21, #38)

      Northern Gun (#31)

      Fort El Dorado & Kingsdale (#32)

      The Manistique Imperium (#34)

      Free Quebec (#36)

      Canada (#39)

      The Federation of Magic (#40)

      The New German Republic (#42)

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      I'll check this out, sounds like it might be good lore!

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    It's not a video, but I did a Rifts explainer on the Gaming with Gage podcast.


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      Originally posted by blackwingedheaven View Post
      It's not a video, but I did a Rifts explainer on the Gaming with Gage podcast.
      Will check this out!


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        There are quite a few descriptions of Rifts. Looking for Palladium Rifts and not Savage Rifts will give you the most results, since Palladium Rifts has been around for decades. Here's one:

        You just have to disregard any mention of the game system and mechanics, which are completely overwritten for Savage Worlds.

        One of the biggest hallmarks of Rifts is that because of its setting, it incorporates any and all genres of RPG. Using the Palladium system, it was compatible with Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles, Robotech, Palladium Fantasy, Ninjas and Superspies, Heroes Unlimited and Nightbane. So you can still use all those other games for inspiration in your Rifts world. I do, especially TNMT for mutants animals.

        As with Palladium's, the setting of Pinnacle's Savage Rifts also brings the gift of additional compatibility with all the savage worlds games (to an extent) There are a lot of unique rules to a lot of the savage settings, such as Deadlands, Flash Gordon, 50 Fathoms, etc., etc. So it may take a little bit of finagling to mash them together into Rifts.

        Finally there are a couple of live playthroughs. I like HappyJacks the best, because they do the best representing a Crazy character and their Dragon character is masterfully well played. Here is their link:
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          A very nice long rifts LP that ended a few years ago.