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Mighty Weapon From Fortune & Glory question

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  • Mighty Weapon From Fortune & Glory question

    when it says any weapon from the close combat weapon does that mean i can have a TW Battle Fury Blade? if so can it have upgrades?

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    It worked that way in SWD but they've split up the close combat table so it's no longer clear what's allowed but it's entirely possible.
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      then i will just have them in case thanks


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        Wasn't there a ruling that random tables never give you magic/TW weapons unless they explicitly say so?


        • Ndreare
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          For the Heroes Journey yes.

          But it was also explicitly rules that Mighty Weapon in SWD Rifts could give you the Battle Fury Blade

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        Well, in SWD Clint explicitly ruled that you could get a TW weapon from the F&G table. Same goes for TW armor too. However, PEGRoberson has said previously ruling from SWD don't necessarily carry over to SWADE so we'll have to see. Note the HJ Close Combat Weapons table explicitly states you can't choose a TW melee weapon.