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A Rifts Superhero err...make that Transformer.

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  • A Rifts Superhero err...make that Transformer.

    Here are the stats I came up with for a Transformer for Rifts using an Rifts Superhero Iconic Framework I found. He is a Four Color Super with two rolls on the Heroes Journey Tables.

    Name: Condor
    Race: Cybertronian (Human for purposes of Supers Companion)
    Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d6
    Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6+2, Persuasion d6-2, Piloting d8, Shooting d10, Streetwise d6-2, Taunt d6, Throwing d4
    Pace: 6, Parry: 6, Toughness: 15(4), Charisma: -2
    Gear: Unarmed Strike d8 (Str), Attack, Ranged d10 (, 12/24/48), Attack, Melee d8 (Str+3d6), Natural Armor (+4)
    Special Abilities:
    Cocky: Spend 1st action bragging or lose a benny
    Dependency (Energon)(*): Dependency causes 1 Fatigue per day
    Impulsive: Don't always think things through before acting
    Overconfident(*): Believes he can do anything; Accepts all challenges
    •Alertness: Very perceptive; +2 Notice
    Super Powers: Gain the Super Powers arcane background
    Dodge: Attackers are -1 to hit; +1 Agility vs. area effect attacks
    Improved Dodge: Attackers are net -2 to hit; Net +2 Agility vs. area effect
    •Quick: Redraw initiative cards of 5 or lower
    Special Abilities:
    •Armor(Lvl2)•: Your character gains 2 points of armor each time this power is purchased. (Cybertonium Skin)
    •Attack, Melee(Lvl3)•Heavy Weapon, Switchable (Primary): Hero has a special melee attack. Each level of this power adds +1d6 to their hand-to-hand attack damage. (Energon Sword)
    •Attack, Ranged(Lvl2)•Rate of Fire, Switchable (Alternate): Hero has a ranged attack. The range is 12/24/48, the damage is 2d6, +1d6 per extra level. (Laser Blasters)
    •Construct•: +2 to recover from Shaken, no Wound modifiers, immune to disease or poison, and Repair rather than Healing.(Alien Robot)
    •Doesn't Breathe•: The hero has no need to breathe (Alien Robot)
    •Flight(Lvl6)•: Your super can fly. Attack Penalty is the modifier foes suffer when trying to attack the flier when moving at speed.(Jetbike mode only)
    •Growth(Lvl2)•Monster: A hero can become larger, increasing Size and Strength. It takes one action to grow or return to normal size (9 ft tall Alien Robot)
    •Heroes Journey: Combat Training (+5 Skill Points for Fighting, Shooting, and Throwing), Background Edge (Alertness)
    •Illusion(Lvl1)•: Hero can create imaginary images and sounds. The illusions cannot actually affect the real world, but can pretend to. (Can only create a hologram of a rider when in jetbike mode)
    •Regeneration(Lvl2)•Recovery, Regrowth, Requires Activation: Make a Vigor roll every hour. If the roll is successful, your character heals one wound.(self repair systems)
    •Shape Change(Lvl3)•Slow To Activate, Speech: Transform from robot mode into a jetbike.
    •Toughness(Lvl4)•: Toughness improves by +1 per level (reinforced chassis)
    Personal Details: Condor is an Autobot hailing from the planet Cybertron. He was caught in a dimension rift during a pitched battle and both he and the Decepticon warrior he had been locked in battle with were sucked through it to Rifts earth. Novashock (the Decepticon) seeks to conquer this new world. Condor seeks to stop Novashock. He has linked up with likeminded heroes and counts many of them as friends.

    Condor's alternate mode is a sleek jetbike.

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      Shapechange is exclusively for animals. You're going to want Speed, Limitation: you are a motorcycle.


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        As the game does not have a way to turn into a vehicle I see no reason Shape Change cannot be used as the costing template for doing such.


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          My way is considerably less expensive though, and requires less rules fudging.


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            He actually doesn't need the shapechange power at all. Take the different powers and split them into three categories:

            1. Powers active in both forms
            2. Powers active in Jetbike form
            3. Powers active in Robot form.

            The way i see it, you get this

            Doesn't Breathe

            These powers stay the same.

            Attack, Ranged

            Atack, Melee

            Now, you get to use the very interesting Switchable modifiers for these two. You have already done the math for the Attack powers, but you can also do the same thing for Flight and Growth. You also end up with more points in my version

            Robot Form (2 points for Switchable)

            Growth Lvl 3
            Attack, Melee (+4d6, Heavy Weapon, Reach 1)

            Jetbike Form

            Flight (Sonic Speed)
            Attack, Ranged (3d6 damage)

            For the whole Package, it costs 21 points, add the 22 points for the basic powers and you still have 2 points to spare, 12 if you use the Super Karma rule (which I wouldn't because 10 points for a major hindrance is so cheap it's unbalanced, but that's my own preference) If you use those points to boost one of the forms, the good news is you can spend it on the other form as well.


            • Ndreare
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              I think this idea works.

            • dentris
              dentris commented
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              The only thing it doesn't translate well is the limitation of the jetbike form. (No hands being the most prominent example) But I've seen enough of Transformers to know in more than one continuity ''half transformations'' were possible, like a jetbkie temporarly growing a pair of arm to catch two falling civilians.

              So this evens out in the end

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            I'd suggest using it for armor. You're pretty squishy right now. Cool idea though.